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May 16, 2009



I think you probably know how fast I fell in love with this one--instantly! O-M-G, a meowy masther-pieth, my lady!

Amy Sheffer

This is AWESOME, Carole! Love it to pieces!!! The colors, the image, the coloring, the patterns - everything!

Shannan Teubner

This is fabulous!

Ok, so I don't love The Fashion Show...but I don't care for the hosts either. And the contestants seem like rejects that couldn't get on PR.

I don't think they can survive without Mood either :(

Kerry J.

ADORABLE!!! Love the colour combo and everything about this!!

Julie Campbell

This is AWESOME!!! It just pops off of the screen! It's so "Carole-licious"!!!

laurie hunt

Great card, but onto the more important item in this post. Seriously, is Project Runway moving to Lifetime? I have no problem, but agree with you on the L.A. vs. New York thing. When does it start? I have to get TIVO'd into it!
Intellectual Individual that feels compelled to ask these questions on behalf of the other little people that are concerned to ask because they have low self esteem and spend too much time in the self help section at Barnes and Noble

alma de la rosa

Yup. A big ugh for The Fashion Show. I just can't bear to watch it.

But, I just lovey this card.

Carol C.

Carole, those colors just pop off the page!!! What great combo; goes so well with the retro look of the tv and circles. Sprinkle is nicely enhanced by that black frame and really liking the added stitching. I am smiling! :)

Gabriela (Gabi With An Eye)

Carole - I love love love your retro colors for this retro image. Your wrok is par excellence and your blog is always a joy to visit.


I love the fun and fresh!

I agree with you about Project Runway. I love that show. I hope it keeps is essence when it moves to Lifetime & LA.

Kathy D

Oh, Carole, I love your card! (can't you just see Tom Jones singing that song on TV in the 60's???) I am not enjoying The Fashion Show tremendously, either. I do like Isaac in general, I'm not sure we get enough of his personality. I am totally SHOCKED at how many of the designers are NOT good seamstresses...I don't understand how you can design without knowing how to sew.


I really love this card and sketch. I gotta ask the coach potato scratching himself??? LMAO OMG You crack me up....I'm worried about BONES....Will Booth remember Brennan??? YIKES!!!!!!


Great card; love the colors.

Nope, haven't watched the new show on Bravo, I'm dedicated to Project Runway!!! :D


cute, cute, cute!!! Love all the stitching!

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