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May 24, 2009


Denise~Paper Ponderings

This is incredible. That motorcycle would be the sister rides! Ooooh...awesome. Count me in!


You go girl! Love your new blog-doo.

Jane Harrah

I am an "older" stamper and I still have my motorcycle license....I don't ride because people are crazy but that is one cool stamp. I am having difficulty thinking about not eating and actually drinking the "stuff" you are drinking. Have you actually lost weight? I would be in the bathroom 24~7 for gosh sakes! I would like to lose the weight but I don't know if I could handle the drink! Let me know if you really are losing weight and how much?

Linda C.

Whoa! Awesome blog candy! Good luck w/the cleanse!

Pam Speidel

GROOVY new LQQK Carole! Love the retro feel and bright colors. Your blog bon bons are just too tempting to pass up...cleanse or no cleanse! :) Smiles, Pam :)

Sandra B

I love the look of your new blog. Good luck with your drinking. You don't look very large to me anyway. Awesome candy you are giving away.
Sandra B

Lisa Petrella

Wow! Now that is some serious blog candy!! LOVE IT!! Your blog's new look is fantabulous!! I dig the hip retro theme!! And, as always, I love checking out your most recent paper creations!!


wow.. that is awesome blog candy! Thanks for the chance. Good luck with the cleanse, I have never done one, but have always thought I should.


Wow! What an awesome prize package - How generous! Thank you for the chance to win! Have a great long weekend!

Maryann T.

Wow...great giveaway! Thanks! And I have to say I love love love the new layout of your blog. Super cute!


Wow oh wow! Oh, how I would love to bring those home! Some awesome stamps in there!! So generous of you! :)


Oh my gosh what an awesome bunch of loot! I need to hop back to that post and get in the running!! And WOW you amaze me!! You are kicking butt on this cleanse!!! My goal is to stop eating my kids' scraps, and I'm not even hungry when I do it!! Ack! So I'm curious - can you drink plain water throughout the day when you are cleansing?


Your blog looks fabulous, Carole!! I love it! And good luck with your cleansing! (That does NOT sound fun.)


Love the blog bon bons....LOL I am SO happy to see someone else with stamps still in the packaging but needin some lovin...I of course have NOW at least taken mine out of the packaging! LOL

Vickie Doswell

awesome new look/ You are really talented and I love looking at all the 'stuff' you make. Good luck with the cleanse!


wow, wow, wow...very nice stuff you have here. Ohhhh please genie, let me be the new home of these beautiful stuff. Thanks a lot for the bon-bons. Your blog is looking good...

jules p

wow...i am so glad that you are still on the cleanse. i am proud of you. Why does it take so 2.5 days to break it properly? Just curious.

Victoria M.

Love the look of the blog!!! And that give away looks TOOO GOOOOD!!!Thanks for the chance!!! Good luck with the cleanse!!


Oh my goodness,that is one HUGE CANDY!!!!
Thanks for a chance at it!!

Mary (Happy Now)

I've already commented on the official Blog Bon-Bon post, but in honor of the reveal, I wanted to mention that I too have a son named Carter... Hoping that brings me some luck!! ;) Thanks so much!


You got girl with the cleanse! Keep us posted with your progress and picture at the end,please ;-) Great blog candy!!

Heidi Gore

I would love to win the bon-bon blog candy. I'd also love to do the master cleanse. I'm anxious to hear your results. Keep up the great work on your blog and with the cleanse


You are CRAZY!! Mexican is my fav, hands down...I would die! Oh yeah, I love that Spock too, but not for his brains... LOl great movie!!

Master Cleanse

Hey very cool blog you are doing great keep it up !!

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