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May 22, 2009


Christina Fischer

Two things:

One, the card is too much fun, and the accents are perfect!

Two, I think I just might hop on the Master Cleanse wagon with you! It's exactly what I need, for the same reasons you mentioned: I need to drop some lbs, I need to cleanse, and I have NO discipline!!!

GAME ON!!! :)

Julie Campbell

Carole, Carole, Carole. THIS needs to be in a magazine! I LOVE it!!!!!

Shannan Teubner

Splashy? ROFLMAO you crack me up.

In other news, love this card! LOL

Amy Sheffer

First things first, the card is adorable. Love that retro look! And the buttons and trims are gorgeous!! As for the rest of your post - LOL!

Carol C.

OMG, Carole, really like how you made your own background here, and the colors are make such a nice impact! Great card! Thanks for the sneak peeks!!!

Judy Rozema

That trailer is just perfect!! Love the trims too!
Why is it when I was reading your *story* that it smelled like one of my puppies had gone on the carpet!!?? You just create the scene so well, I guess -- they are outside!! LOL


I-LOVE-YOUR-NEW-BLOG!! you are such a stinker (yes, pun intended!) make me smile!

Carolyn King

FABULOUS...this set is just YOU!!!

And about the master cleanse----girl..hope everything is BROWN in your world,
hope everything COMES OUT ok,
hope you lose some POO for a whole new you,
hope this too SHALL PASS.


jules p

I started to type..."you go girl". But it looks like you are already doing that. hee hee

Jody Morrow

That is SO cute! I love the Kraft paper (of course) and I love those new products Alma is coming out with. I'll have you know, I NEED this stamp set! LOL


SUPER cute!!!!

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