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May 23, 2009


jen del muro

This is ROCKIN'!!!

Debbie Y

It's so you!!

 Lori Craig

This is so absolutely YOU!!!! It screams, Crazy Carole to me!!! LOVE IT!


WOWSER!!! - Love the new look. Very fun and funky. I don't know you personally but from reading your blog I believe this fits you to a tee.

Jenny Gropp

Love your new look! It's fits your style perfectly!

jules p

LOVE LOVE LOVE it! It is totally YOU!!!
It is so colorful.

GrammaStamper (Barb)

This is perfect. I love the entire aura it provides. Great stuff.

Julie Campbell

I LOVE your new look! It is SOOOO perfectly YOU!


Love the new look! Intrigued by the "Master Cleanse" and may give it a try...keep us posted!


It's the coolest blog on the block babe! Love it to pieces and it's totally your personality. Congrats on your new and fabulous do!



So totally you! I think you should change your pic though. . .you might look great in the "revolutionary costume" :)


PS - Tell your DH thanks for making me go back to the Capitol next week! :)


Absolutely awsome! Had you not called attention to it, I don't think I would have popped out of my reader. This design is well worth it though! i love your siggy too :o)


Your blog-over is totally awesome! I love it, especially the martini! :)


Fabulous theme and well carried out.


I love the look of your blog, soo neat!!


Love it! Very hip :P


WOW; love the new blog; such great colors; the banner makes me chuckle!!

Thanks for the chance to win!!


Love the blog-over and the banner just takes the cake!

Linda C.

Fabulous new look! It makes you want to drink lemonade & stay awhile!! Make it "real" lemonade


Love, Love, LOWE the new blog! The kids slapping each other crack me up but the signature is my absolute FAVORITE!


Your blog looks awesome - she did an amazing job. Love all your creations!

Kim Howard

I enjoy reading your blog and the new look is fantastic!

Deborah in TX

I love your new blog! So you! I think you and I were born in the wrong era. :-) I just love this type of art. And the cloers are so festive! Thanks for the chance to win some Bon-Bons!

Gabriela (Gabi With An Eye)

#1) I love your blog-over - so 60's. Not that I would have first hand experience with the 60's or anything.
#2) Little Edie is SO you!
#3) I adore your new signature.

Deborah in TX

And thank goodness stamps have spell check and I don't have to worry about that. :-) The COLORS are so festive on your blog.

Kerry J.

Ack!!! Love the new look - it's so "Carole"!!


LOVIN' your redo, girl! SO retro!

sue kment

How fun is this!?!

Janet L

Love the new do--you rock, girl!

Kitty Rodahl

Carole-love your new look--makes you look ten pounds lighter!!!! The colors and retro look are very funky. The whole cleansing thing sounds interesting. Good luck with it.

Jenni King

What a great new look!! FAB!!!
Jenni King

Peggy S from Ohio

Great new look!

Megan Lock

This is so stinkin' cool! It looks great and it's totally unique!!

Amy Sheffer

I absolutely love the new look - so "you"!!


As soon as I saw your new blog I said, It's so Carole. VERY HIP & COOL!! Your siggy is the BEST. Sara Williams rocks!

Thanks for a chance to win!

Andrea Vernagus

The new look is great! Sara did a fab job!

Jody Morrow

Your blog looks REALLY cool! I love it! I have blog envy! My "decorations" suck (AKA I have NONE). *sigh*

Karen Sullivan

very cool new blog overhaul! I'm jealous! :) I like how your lime green polo shirt matches the whole color scheme of the blog! thx for a chance to win some blog bon bons - they sound yummy!

Chandra Hough

Super new blog graphics! Love the colors and the feel of it -- especially your siggy!

Cathy Groden

Carole, your blog is on my daily sweep and I must say that I noticed the change right away. My first thought was, "this is so Carole". I love it! It captures the silliness I have come to expect from your posts. I especially love your martini signature. My son is techy and I was thinking how can he help me do something as neat as that on my blog?

Sheri Z.

I love your new look. Very unique.


love, love LOVE the blog 'do :) seems to fit your style!

good luck with the cleanse, too!


Love love love your new cyber-home!! Sara did the tweaks and signature on mine too and she is the ABSOLUTE BEST!

Thanks for the opportunity to win too! I always love visiting your blog - I know it'll be full of humor as well as inspiration!

Bonnie aka raduse

She did an awesome job Carole.


I love the new layout!!! Very retro cool :)

laurie hunt

Very cool blogover! It is the Carole that I have come to know over months of blog-stalking. Only one thing I find a bit hard to believe. I really can't see you spilling the contents of a martini glass to form your signature or otherwise! Great new look.

Deb Neerman

Soooooooooo kewl! LOVE what you've done with the place! And your siggy is perfection! I'm soooooooo jealous .... now I have to hate you. LOL, I kid!! But it does look fantabulous ovuh here!

Sue O.

Funky and fun new look, Carole. . .love it! I'm so excited to hear about the cleansing routine you're going through right now, too.

Mary (Happy Now)

Such a rockin' blog for such a rockin' blogger. LOVE your posts!


Your blog is cool. There's a lot of catching up I need to read on your archives, but it's no problem because I enjoy your blog.

Ree Donnelly

Love it all, Carole!!! You've got me all interested in Grey Gardens now! Thanks!
BTW, stay strong on The Cleanse... :>)

Pam SCS-craftea19

Carol, I have followed your blog for some time. I love your new look!LOL! You are such a funny gal! You haven't been told that lately have you??! I also read your "about me" today. Your life certainly is not borring! All that, and you make beautiful cards too!

Nancy Panko

Hi Carole! Your new look is super cool! Thank you for the info on the Cleanser rock!

Leslie McLaughlin

Your blog is sooooo cute. I love it. Congrats on such a successful venture.

Cathy Green

You know how sometimes when someone says, "how do you like my new look?" you have to think really quick so that you don't say something that will hurt their feelings because their new look is horrible? Well, that doesn't apply here! What a great makeover! I love it! It is so fun!

Sharon King

I love the new look... it's cool. I enjoy reading your post and your cards are the best. Thanks for the chance to win some blog bon bons.
Sharon King


I love your "blog-over"! It looks great. Thanks for the chance to win the blog candy! And, continued good luck on the cleanse. I use a nutritional product that includes cleansing once a week. I've never felt better than since I started this program. Again, thanks for the chance to win!


It looks fantastic! I love the colors. Your siggy is fab too!

Carol C.

Oh Carole, your new blog look simply ROCKS!!! BEAUTIFUL and FUN! your siggy is too fab for words! YOur blog is always inspirational and this just enhances that :)

Michelle H

Your blog is SO awesome! It was before but I really, really like the change! Funny thing is you did it at a time I knew I wanted a new one for mine but didn't know exactly what I wanted! I'm so much closer to it now!! TFS!!


Love your blog and all your projects.

Karyl Lombardo

Love the new look!! So retro! Must tell you how much I enjoy your blog. All the card creations as well as your awesome sense of humor!!

nikki schmaltz

Love your new look and your signature is sooo "tasty;)"

Ann Kranitz

Your blog is awesome and your siggy is right up my ally. Mine would be a cosmo!!

Pat J

The new blog is 'so you!' Thanks for your offer of blog candy.


Love the new layout! It looks fabulous!


Love the new blog! So funky and fun!!!


Love your new look Carole, it seems so very "you". It's great! Of course, I've never seen a blog design from Sara that I haven't absolutely adored! Glad you're enjoying your new digs. Now, please pick me for the stamps, ok? ;-)

Linda B

Very cool retro look for your blog. I have been following you for awhile now really enjoying your posts.
I could give these stamp sets a really good home and they would get lots of TLC. :)

Debbie Lee

What a fun look! Love the 50s housewife theme! Makes me smile! Good luck w the Master Cleanse... thanks for the updates.


I love the blog-over--totally fab-u-lous!! Fits you to a T. :)


Fabulous new look! I need to watch that movie - been hearing amazing things about it. Keep at it w/ the Master Cleanse - you are strong and can do it!


Coolest. Blog Do-over. Ever!

Liz G

I love your blog! I hope I win. :)


Glad The Cleanse is going well. I'd miss chewing too. :O) Thanks for the chance to win this wonderful bon bon!


Absolutely love the new look. You and Sara did an excellent job. Hope your cleanse goes well.

Vickie Doswell

Awesome new site. Congrats on making it to day 5. It is really difficult.


Wow, LOVE the new your blog always love seeing what you have posted next :)! Thanks for this chance to win some goodies :)!



Awesome new look. I really look forward to your updates everyday. Thanks for sharing your creative and inspiring MOJO!


Sara rocks ... and I love your funky fun new style ... it rocks too. Thanks for the chance to win some goodies.

Kristy Rooney

This blog is amazing! I think this is the best blog design ever! Thanks so much for sharing your creativity.
Kristy :)

Janet B

I love your blog. I visit every day. Thanks for all the inspiration.

Kathy L........

what a wonderful prize package.........thanks for offering it.

continued good luck on your cleansing.

Kathy L........


Love the post the layout is grovvvvy!


Love the "new" blog...very nice! The signature is so cute too. Love it!


I love the look of your blog-over! Very fun and funkilicious!

Phyllis Hutter

Change is always nailed this one with awesome, bright colors. Needless to say, Carole you rock!


Sue DeMaria

Great new look! Thanks for making me laugh everyday :) You rock!

Debbie Porter

The new look rocks!!I think my stamp room could use a cleanse too. Of course, I probably have room for just a few more.


Carole, this blog do over is da bomb dawg! I LOVE it and it is SO totally you!!!! The martini/tea cleanse siggie is SUPER CUTE!!!!

jules p

You are so funny. Love your blog.


Love the new blog, of course I grew up in the 60's, so you know about how old I am!
Would also love to win the blog bon-bons. If you ever do bottle the "know what I'm thinking" I would like to get some for my husband as well.


Awesome!!! Looks fabulous!

kathy amstutz

Love the new blog and the new YOU! Thanks for the chance to win some fab stamp sets!

cheryl hinton

This is amazing and so cool. WIsh I had time to do a re-do to my blog. As for that matter wish I had time to stamp. Maybe if I win those amazing sets, I'll get inspired.

Nancy L.

Just found your blog, but I'm loving what you have done!!


What a festive and retro blog. This is way too cute! :) Love love love it! Heh and the siggy is awesome!

Stephanie Hargis

I absolutely LOVE your new blog look! It is so fun and hip! :D Way to go!

janet d.

Great re-do on the blog! I am glad to hear you're hanging in there with the Lemonade diet. I know I would not be. Hey, I need the Route 66 Hanna set - I live in Joplin!

Janet S

I just LOVE your new blog design! It is SO you. You are so generous to share your wealth of goodies, too. SWEET! (I peeked at the prize package and I gotta have it! ;D)
Thanks for a chance to win it. I have my fingers, toes, and eyes all crossed!!!!!

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