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May 26, 2009



Oh my god that is hilarious! Men-just when you want to kiss them, they open thier mouths and make you want to smack them! I'm so glad you shared that with us ! That little backpack is the cutest thing BTW, I saw one and have been wanting to try it, just waiting for my inspiration fairy to show up!


Don't know how you resisted the urge to smack him upside the head, but I applaude your self control!!

The backpack, SUPAH cute!!!

Kathy Daume'

Man! Husbands are the WORST! And this backpack is the BEST! Seriously so cute! I love all the plaid going on. And yes, I love these new stamps. Thanks for a link to the tutorial. I haven't seen these yet!

Congrats on still going strong on the cleanse! I'm rooting for ya!

jules p

very cute back pack.

hubbies...don't they say the most romantic things?!?! ;)


Love the little backpack. Have to give that a try! Love the plaid and the cute stamp.


awww - your hubby is so romantic! [see-i'm married to one just like him, so i recognize romance when i see it ;)].

Kelly Lunceford

Oh my word...this is darling! Such a fun project!


OMG I damn near PIMP Carole.... It fits right in when I was all proud of wearing my DS's clothes and DH said, Yep, you are built like a 9 yo boy! Grrr.... LOL

Sara :)

OMG...that is SO what would have happened with Kevin and I!!!! Take a sweet moment and just laugh...I love it and I don't love it. :D

We are really thinking about ding this too! We HAD to see some other people and it appears to helps if you chew food and then spit it out. I know GROSS but it looks SO GOOD doesn't it???? Plus it looks like all the cleansers seem to do it...they claim it really helps those cravings! Plus you get something other than "lemonade" in your mouth.

Can't wait to hear how it all turns out!!!

Ree Donnelly

Carole, I could just IMAGINE my hubby saying the exact same thing! Hmmmmph! Men...

Anyhoo, I know exactly what you mean about our world REVOLVING around food. We have 2 kids, well now 21 & 17, who have PKU, a metabolic disorder, and are on restricted diets. Our eyes were opened when they came along, because you don't even realize that at every single function, no matter how small, there seem to be "refreshments". And that makes it a problem for parents of kids on restricted diets, as many of us know! And of course, TV, etc... Yep, it's a real problem, but not one you notice until there is a reason!
Keep going, and stay healthy! Light's at the end of the tunnel... can you see it yet??


SPEW! That is hysterical! Bless his heart.


Yup me gots one of those romantic types too....he picked the song for our first dance at our wedding - Damn Yankees - High Enough (good song, thats about as romantic as it gets here...LOL).
Love the backpack - very cute!!!


This is AWESOME as well...LOL bad breath! haha...How will I ever sleep tonight??

Master Cleanse

Good to see you making progress with your mas. ter cleanse diet and thats one cute little back pack there.


Don't know how you resisted the urge to smack him upside the head, but I applaude your self control!!

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