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May 23, 2009



OMGOSH, she TOTALLY got you!! This is awesome!! The signature is the best!! Oh ya, cute card too!!

Judy Rozema

Your blog is totally da bomb!! And the siggy is so wonderful~! I discovered her designs right after she closed her designs to new customers. So I am on the prowl, hoping that she will do something for someone new again, as she does amazing work!

And so do you!! That peacock card is just perfect -- I love the little crocheted flower and the highlighted word. Beautiful colors!

Amy Sheffer

Look at this! So full of yummy goodness - the colors, the image, the crocheted flower - love it all!

Jody Morrow

That is SO SO cute! I love it! Now I want the buttons, the stamp set... UGH! SHAME, SHAME! LOL

Christina Fischer

LOVE the blog-over!!! It's so you! Great card, too -- the buttons and flower are perfect touches!

Chris and I are doing the cleanse, too -- it's Day Two!!!

Pam SCS-craftea19

You should be proud as a peacock! Between staying on your "cleaning" routine, and making this great card! This card fits you perfectly! Did you make your crocheted flower? I making some now. We shall see how they turn out! Love the bright colors on your card, it sets it off beautifully!
Hang tough girl, hope your headache is better.
Thank for taking the time to share all of your gorgeous cards.


OMG! I cannot believe you could go out with friends while doing this. You are AMAZING!!! Have I mentioned that before? Cute card too, love that crocheted flower!

Linda Beeson

That peacock is just so cute and I love that sentiment.


VERY cute! And the sentiment is perfect!


OMGosh Carole....this blog just TOTALLY cracks me up....JUNE CLEAVER in the buff...OK, you are dressed but....*wink* I think that siggy it fantastic...I too wondered about the crocheted flower....all by your lil self you did that??? That card is bright and fun!!!

Congrats on the cleanse you are SUCH a better woman than I....I DREAD Caffeine withdrawal headaches....

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