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May 30, 2009


Kathy Daume'

Hahha that last line is funny...I can totally imagine!

I can't believe you made it through 10 days already! You're a machine! Congrats all around!

And this card is totally sweet. I especially love the coloring on the basket. Awesome.

Have a great Saturday!


You are SO amazing...I would NEVER have the willpower to do this!! Good for you!! Your card is gorgeous, but that last image...HILARIOUS!!


This is a gorgeous card!!

Jody Morrow

That card is gorgeous! I love it! The colors are awesome and that ribbon is the bomb! But OMG $2 a yard! OUCH! LOL That "smilie" at the end is revolting! LMAO Running poo... hmmmmm.... LMAO Congrats on the poundage lost. I am guessing you are going to need to chop off an arm or something if you want to lose anymore weight. You look GREAT the way you are! HUGS!


Well done on the cleanse. Who knew they made poopicons?

jen del muro

love the ribbon and the paper piecing! such a cute card! congrats on the lbs. lost...go you!!

Dawn Easton

So cute Carole! I really like how you added the ribbon!

Congrats on your weight loss! I'm not sure I could chug that salt water down


As your faithful (although very often Stampingville absent) grasshopper, you know I envy and adore your cardmaking ability.

As you also know,I'm a follower. . . if you take the time to link something in your blog, chances are I take the time to check it out. That could explain my massive collection of stamps, ribbon and paper! All of that to say I've been exploring this Master Cleanse thing like a fool. I've Googled the topic more than any other in months!

I'm amazed at the 8.4 lbs. I swear I'd buy a bikini if I could lose that much! I'm committed to giving it whirl when I get back from NYC next week. I didn't want to be spending an unknown amount of time in the "little girl's room" and completely miss the Big Apple!

Wish me luck!

Nancy Panko

Ok Carole I am in! I love lemons so that is a start, and I need 20 lbs off so I take 8 in a 10 day period as a charging here is my question: can you send me the recipe for a whole day batch of the lemonade, I know I am going to be drinking a LOT so I need a good batch to last ALL day...prety pleeeeaaase! with lemons on top! I bought the book and loved it! can't figure out the amounts for a big batch specially the 1/10 cayenne pepper one ;)

Vexed in VA

Love the card, Carole. Love that B&W gingham dress! ....and I know all about cleansing. Except I'm not trying to cleanse. It's the radiation treatment that's doing it to me. I swear if the stupid cancer doesn't kill me, the side effects sure will. AAARRGGGHHH. I'm so proud of you for your 8+ lb loss.

Jennifer Buck

OMHeck! Ok...this is the cutest thing ever! ...and your new blog is WONDERFUL! I LOVE it! :)

Sara :)

OK...I can not miss another one of your posts!!!!! I just love your projects AND I really love hearing what you have to say. You are crackin' me up...that walking poop is awesome!!!!


I embarked on the master cleanse for one day, I was on a juice fast so I thought it was the perfect time to followup with the master cleanse. I'd never done it before but I was used to juicing for 3-4 days at a time. I consumed 7 glasses of the lemonade and warm water inbetween. That night I had severe stomach cramps and diarrhea. I was running to the bathroom all night long, the next day I was weak and feeling awful, so went back on juicing. Not sure why I had the reaction that I had.

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