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May 25, 2009


Bonnie aka raduse

Too cute Carole.

Kim Hughes

Thank you for welcoming me Carole :)

I adore your card! LOVE the layers.

Julie Campbell

Oh my gosh! Your siggy is SO awesome! (sorry... I know this is suppose to be about your card.... but I just saw it and about freaked!) :)

LOVE the card. Perfect sentiment. Thanks for the laugh! :) Have a good one!!!

Mayberry Magpie

Love the new digs!

Christina Fischer

I just laughed out loud at the Harry Dean Stanton reference!!

Great card -- that sentiment is so perfect!

 Lori Craig

LOVE your card - glad you set you owl-aversion aside for us this weekend. It's wonderful! And, hey - just saw your awesome siggy.... so perfectly fitting. :) HUGS!


Love your new blog design Carole...and your owl card is very cute! You girls look like you are having fun with these challenges! Speaking of know you have just about tipped me over the edge in trying "the cleanse"...if you end up telling us you are losing a whack of weight too...that might do it for me.
Are you seriously not hungry?
I am a little afraid of the coffee withdrawl....

Michele Boyer

Love it, Carole! That sentiment is perfect! Gotta love those folks at River City Rubberworks! lol. (Great tip on the masking too!)

Jody Morrow

Super cute! Your card is adorable! The image and paper look great together! Well done, Jiffy girl! :)

Dawn Easton

ack! How super cute Carole!


Super cute!!


I LOVED this owl when it first came out...have you seen the skunk? LOL Those Whimsy stamps are HILARIOUS...TOUGH for me to color but I have yours for inspiration now!!!! ;)

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