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May 21, 2009


Sayward Rebhal

Hey, thanks for the comment! I responded on my blog, but I just wanted to pop over here and say hi, and Good Luck! It's going to be so awesome when you come out the other side in 10 days - just keep that in mind.



I just used your link to go and read about this book. I read many pro comments, and then many con ones. Both sides have good points... It'll be interesting to see what you think after you read the book.


OK, I'm very eager to read about your results. I'd like to know how bad the hunger is--I have a hard time keeping my attitude together when I'm hungry, but this intrigues me... (And does the hunger start out bad on days one and two, but then get better/ you get headaches...I could perseverate all day about this!) Please update us on the hunger situation! And thanks for sharing this with us--I sure get an education in blogland. --Elena


best of luck! i've only completed about 6 or 7 days. you're right, the lemonade really isn't all that bad. once you get through the first few days, you won't really be hungry [it's mind over matter]. congrats on focusing on good health :)

jules p

Good luck and lots of wishes. It seems real hard to me. (for me)

But I am sure that you will be able to do it just fine.

For me...would you let us know how many inches you loose?!?! thanks

Kathy Daume'

Hey Carole!

I have to tell you again that I am SO glad you picked up the China Study. It has information that no one initially wants to hear (I almost went through a grieving process over eggs and dairy when I read it), but in the long run, it feels empowering to know that I can control disease by what I put in my body.

I have mostly stayed away from cleanses in the past, because they seem too extreme to me. I tried the hollywood miracle diet one time (which is a 3 day cleanse I think), and I lasted about a day and a half before I felt really really crummy. 10 days is a LONG time! I'll definitely be cheering you on (even if I think this is nuts!) :P We all take our own paths to figure out what's best for our bodies.

If you like cleanses, I have another one you might want to check out. I fell on it via a youtube video one day. It's called the 8-1-1 diet. From what I've been able to tell in (very very brief) research, it involves eating only one food for a week or more at a time. People have said it clears up all sorts of problems like skin, yeast imbalances, etc. Might be worth checking out. I would never do it, but that's just me :)

How did day one go?


Congratulations and I hope that it goes really well for you. I will be camping this weekend, but rooting you on from high in the Colorado mountains and I will check back in on progress on Tuesday! I too would like to know how many inches you loose during this process. That translates better to me than pounds anyway. I will be starting my own cleanse type thing in the next couple of weeks, so I hope your strong will and good karma rub off on me:)

Melanie Muenchinger

I'm tempted to do it with you, I've had a few freidns so this. You go, girlfriend! :)

Selena Bennett

Good for you on wanting to be healthy. Aways remember there are no quick fixes in weight loss. It took time to put it on and it is healthy to take it off over time. Also, to build a healthy routine takes time, and is better in the long run because it lasts. I have been trying to loose weight since I was a teenager, and it is one of the hardest things, next to raising kids. Good luck! I hope the best for you.

Pam SCS-craftea19

All I can say girlfriend is more power to you! This girl couldn't do it. Not because I couldn't go without eating but because the brew would make me gag. I don't have a very strong stomach!LOL! Seriously though, I hope you reach your goal. I showed it to my husband and he had the usual man answer..."If you don't eat you loose weight anyways right?"
Enjoying your blog,

Carol C.

GO CAROLE!!!! Sending encouragement your way and congratulating you on your initiative! Will follow your progress because I'm routing for ya!!! Good luck and here is to your healthy cleansing! :)


I could handle the drink, it's the whole salty water that would KILL me. I don't like getting sick and I go number 2 several times a day. I don't think I have EVER had the constipation problem! lol never! I get a lot of reading done at work and keep a Readers Digest in my locker...shh, it's my quiet time.

Cleanse Pro

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