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June 29, 2009


Alli Miles

This is SO cute Carole...Love Carter's blanket and your colouring is dreamy!!!

 Lori Craig

Darling card. Love that blanket. The paper is awesome with this set, isn't it. I think you and Kim were in cahoots. :) Thanks for picking a wonderful set for us to work with Carole. You are an amazing advocate for Carter and families everywhere. Hugs!


This is fabulous Carole! Love the fluffy blanket!


You are such an awesome Mom, and it screams it over and over in this card! Love the sketch, the pp jammies and that over the top blankie! Aaack--you're killin' me!

Michele Boyer

Totally adorable, Carole! I *love* the fuzzy brown blanket!


SO super cute!! I love the blanket!!

Carolyn King

LOVE this set---(duh! What else would you have chosen!) Love the pieced outfit---and those fun stars. The dp is PERFECT for this set!!! Great job!

Christina Fischer

CA-UTE!!!! I *love* that blanket! :)

Bonnie aka raduse

Oh how cute! Love the fuzzy blanket. Looks like I need to ink up my set soon.

Julie Campbell

Oh Carole! I think I'm sniffing that StazOn again! :) (I FINALLY got my post finished!) ;)

Your blanket is sooooo smart! I just want to cuddle up to it myself! The stars are great.... and his jammies are sooo cute!

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