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June 30, 2009


Megan Lock

Darling!! How cute. I love this idea!

Oh, btw, neighbor, we should be even closer soon. DH is moving us to Bartlesville. I think that's more your direction....


love it Carole

Christina Fischer

This is fantastic, Carole! I love it!


I love candles! Love what you did with this, Carole--thanks for the ispiration!


This ROCKS Carole!!

Cindy Haffner

You rock Carole, super work.

Kerry J.

Fabulous! I can smell it from here! And I love her mix and match bikini!!

Gail Bolander

great project!

Carolyn King

love that beachy candle and how you made it even more pizzazier! (yes, I know that isnt a REAL word!) Love this!


This is fantastic Carole!


Super cute! I love the little bikini you made. I also like your new blog design. I gotsta get in touch with Miss Sara! However, again, my name is KIRSTEN!! Geesh! And I thought we were friends!! ;)


Love the candle idea! And the red, white, and blue!


I personally LOVE your jibber Jabber, makes me laugh....

The candle is AWESOME and LOOKS like a hoity toity kind.... and that kini of hers is really cute...just like in the stores....




Talk about cute! What a great gift idea.


What a cutie this WTG is, Carole. And way to jazz up something we all love to use.

Janet Wegner

How clever! Great job!


What a great idea

Jerri Kay

Oh my gosh, this is super cute Carole, check out the tan on that babe . . . LOL! I love your ribbon!!

Karen Van De Walle

Oh I love that ribbon! Cute project!

Su Gould

Carole this is so very cute. Love the bow that adds a great finish.

Michele Boyer

LOVE this, Carole!!! My favorite candle is Clean fresh! Can't imagine that mixed in with other fine summer fragrances....ahhhh... I totally love your red, white and blue combo! Fantastic!


What an incredible project!! Love it:) And your blog design is fabulous!


Carole, this is fabulous! I love it!

Jody Morrow

I love it! What an awesome idea!

Erika M

Your candle just rocks! Fabulous!


Well lookie what ya got here, that is sure one purty candle! How fancy to get a tag like the bini top!!

Amy Sheffer

What a great project, Carole! Love the red, white, and blue. And the sand - so cool!


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