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June 26, 2009


theresa forge

That was an awesome post!!! you expressed all of my exact feelings. They will be missed. I still miss my "feathered hair" LOL

Karen Sullivan

great post - I use to play Charlie's Angels with my friends too but I was always played Kelly (Jaclyn Smith. Why weren't there any redheaded angels?? :) and despite MJ's weird life, he had THE BEST MUSIC hands down for our generation and even now.

Halala Mama

I never really appreciated Farrah, but I was dead in love with Michael. I loved every single thing about him and I have missed who he was for a long time. I hope he has some peace.

Robin Kirkpatrick

Excellent post. I was surprised at how hard the news of both of them dying on the same day hit me. Michael was just 2 years older than I am, so that really gives cause for pause...As my oh so eloquent hubby put it - we're in the check out zone...not really, but it does make you think. Thanks for finding the perfect words to explain it and for sharing the funny stories about Mrs. Oates!

Michele F

Thanks for the post. You made me truly reminisce about my adolescence. I always played Kelly or Sabrina as one of the Angels. (I'm a brunette). Michael was a true pioneer in his prime.

As for Charlie - he was John Forsythe, You may remember him as the main character "Blake Carrington" on "Dynasty".

Thanks again, Michele

Amy Sheffer

Great post!

Bonnie aka raduse

Excellent post Carole. You reminded me of playing Charlies Angels at school too. Oh why couldn't they find Charlie so we would know who he was too?

Jerri Kay

ITA!! Excellent tribute Carole, Felix and I married in 1983, we listened to "Thriller" constantly. Rock With You is still one of my all-time favorite songs. God Bless him, I pray Michael has found peace.

Denise Bernardoni

Thanks Carole, you really expressed how I feel too. I had 3 index boxes full of Charlie's Angels trading cards- Jill was always my favorite Angel. And Michael- well it's like a piece of my childhood is gone forever. Oh boy- more tears, they will be missed :(

Ree Donnelly

Awwwww, Carole, you got me all choked up.

From the sounds of it, I'm a little older than you, but I too have great memories of them in their primes.

Me & Michael are like, 2 weeks apart in age, and I vividly remember my Tiger Beat and Teen magazines,comparing Michael, Donny Osmond, Davis Cassidy, Bobby Sherman, etc. What fun! And the fact that Michael & I were so close in age, I felt a special connection to him! He was born August 29, 1958... me September 1, 1958. We're practically twins, for God's sake! LOL.

And Farrah, well she was so huge when I was probably like 17, 18. And I went to hairdressing school at the age of 16, graduated, and EVERYONE wanted the "Farrah" look! I spent lots of time trying to perfect it. For some reason, some people couldn't understand why their hair didn't make them look exactly like Farrah!! Can you imagine??! Lots of great memories. I'm glad to have been a part of our generation. Wouldn't have wanted it any other way!!!
Hugs, and thank for the memories...


I must say, you and I could have been the SAME little girl... LOL Isn't it funny how much TV personalities make us all one? No matter where you grew up this was THE Era to be in... Oh man, you made me laugh in such a "I remember that" kinda way! Yes, both deaths were SO sad! We still have those happy memories thanks to them! What a great life I have had so far....

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