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July 03, 2009



CAROLE!!! You are hysterical.. I love reading your posts... And I love the new look to your site!! Fabulous!

Gabriela (Gabi With An Eye)

Now THAT's what I call an excellent post. Fabulous card, too. I'm in. Kristi needs to start a blog of her own. Gimme a K. Gimme an R. Gimme an I. Gimme an S. Gimme a T. Gimma another I. KRISTI - KRSIT, she's our man. Er uh, woman. Whatever. You know what I mean.


OMG!! This is too much!! Thanks for the chuckle :) Dare I say, cute card


awesome, awesome card! I have to get that Twisted Too set... maybe it's time to do some shopping...

And the blog's new look is FABULOUS!

Shannan Teubner

OMG this is hysterical!! ROFLMAO


I officially LOL'd at this...and just about pimped too! How FUNNY!!!


This is hilarious!!! She really should have her own blog... The blog world would love her up!

 Lori Craig

Ohh my goodness gracious..that is funny. What a great card... I'm quite literally LOL.


i really did LOL. i do that stinkin master cleanse twice a years. hate hate that saltwater flush. i especially hate it when i throw it all up right after i have just gotten it down. so that card hit home love it.

jen del muro


Judy Rozema

Seriously you are so right about LOL!! And I did LOL at Kristi's brilliant card!!! (And those dancing smileys!)

Donna Baker

I really laughed out loud - that is hilarious! it's great to have friends you can really be yourself with and they will still like you! it's better than putting on airs.


OK so now I'm bummed, you have posted LOL about things I have posted or cards made. I was SUPER Excited to have Carole thinking something I found fun/funny worthy of laughing at... **sigh** :)

I think the card your friend made is SUPER cute...

I use LOL a lot too but I am easily amused it's either Laugh Out Loud or Lots of Laughs.... :)

Have an AWESOME DAY!!!!


Bonnie aka raduse

Oh my gosh!!!! This is just too freaking funny!!!! I give it plenty of exclamation points!! I so need those twisted sentiments and yes your friend needs a blog and you need to link her gallery or I need to go find it when the server lets me on.

Michelle Mallett

Your friend Kristi is her last name Mallett, because that is mine. I am also curious about the 78 because that is when I graduated. Her card is very funny.


Come on Kristi....we're waiting!!


Happy 4th of July girls!


Kristi should definitely have a blog. Obviously a teasing and funny woman. I'd put her blog in my "Check Daily" folder right along with yours.

Bonnie Sharp

Holy shite! Just went through all this and I must say, that I am so over jello and chicken broth (yes, even with a name like eggette....) Totally fabulous creation, and I know that YOU know, that you have a wonderful friend there!


This is hilarious! WHat an awesome card!!

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