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August 21, 2009


Kathy D

Love the self-portrait card!

I totally agree with you on Project Runway AllStars - I hoped Kyoto or Sweet P would win. And I was surprised on the premiere that they cut someone with a strong vision (albeit strange - I would have liked a second look) instead of someone with an excuse.


Super cute card! I love the layout and the colors! Such a fun stamp set!
Michell james
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So well done Carole! I almost wanna do the sketch again, lol!

Stephanie Hargis

Hahaha! I love it! I saw your title and then scrolled down to see your card and I literally laughed out loud! Not that I'm saying your not an angel! ;) I just thought it was a true Carole moment! Thanks for sharing your gorgeous card with us!


Well darn - I read your post too early. I DVR'd PR last night and haven't watched it yet!

Your card is wonderful, but personally I think it resembles me a little more than you! LOL! After all, a grasshopper should strive to be like her QDM! Right?

Jody Morrow

You are so funny! I had only read the title and I was LMAO! LOL Super cute card, too! You rock, you Bella Babe! ;)

Shannan Teubner

Love this...she looks just like ya! And yes...I too was sighing with relief...YAY they have Mood! LOL


What a fabulously fun card. Love all the clouds. So cute.

 Lori Craig

This cracked me up! Card is darling. Text is hilarious.


Carole, I totally adore this! So fantastic! Wish you were here to dish the dirt with over an icy glass of pinot. Hope you have a great weekend


Seriously, you know I adore you, but that made me laugh out loud!! You are too funny, and your card is SUPAH cute!!

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