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November 17, 2009


Amy Sheffer

Beautiful, Carole! Love that color combo!! Miss ya, girl!

Cindy Haffner

What fun, super job Carole.

Kimberly S

Bet that kitchen will look great when it's all put back together! :)

Love that bit of retro look to your card, and I really had to laugh over the Melon Berry! :)

Jody Morrow

Your card is super cute, Carole. :) Love it. :) Your house is already beautiful (even with a ripped up kitchen), so I am SURE it is going to be TDF when it is done. :)

Melody Rupple

Great card Carole! Good to see you stamping! Looks like your kitchen is going to be beautiful. Thanks for the sweet intro!

Mary J

Really great stamp! I love what you've done with it!

Chris veneruso

so happy to see you on this hop. wish you were back. I miss you wisecracking.

Joanne Basile

I totally love this! Fantastic color combination, right down to the melon berry sweater on WTDude! Hope all is well with the boys, and that the house project is nearing completion. Miss you!

Michele B.

Super cute, Carole! Great colors! And so glad to see you stampin'!

Lisa Henke

we miss you! so glad you are joining the team again this month! THIS rocks! just keep telling yourself it's worth it, it's worth it! I'm sure your new kitchen will be gorgeous!

christina fischer

A vacuum, a melon berry shirt -- what could be better?!? My kind of guy, for sure! :)

I love your card -- and I miss you! Hugs!

Jamie M

Very Cute Card Carole!! Your kitchen looks like it is going to be amazing when you are all finished, good luck!!


We miss you, Carole!!! I love this card--the colors are just awesome! Real men wear Melon Berry, LOL!!!

Bonnie aka raduse

I sooooo love your kitchen Carole! I'm not going to tell you my DH will vacumn & cook for me from time to time just so I can do the same thing as WTG. :) This set is to die for!

Erin Smetak

Very cute card! Is it nice to take a break from having to cook every day?! How nice your kitchen will be when it's done! THEN you can be like that polymer girl! LOL!


I love that you can just jump back on that horse -- you haven't lost a thing, my friend, this is top notch perfect!

Just think how great those counter tops and sink are going to be when they're installed--aaah!


Love your color choices! Very pretty.

Megan Lock

I feel for you! Living in a construction zone is dusty and uncomfortable. Ugh. The finished product will be sooo worth it! I love your card. I love how simply the sentiment is displayed. I'll haveta try that...


Oh how I've MISSED YOU.... Your blog had me LITERALLY LOL!!!! From the title to the MM shirt comment... :)

Your house is GORGEOUS... and I LOVE the idea of no counters, sink or appliances... that means NO CLEANING.... and plenty for WTGuy to vaccuum.... all that constructin dust!!! BLECH!!!

Welcome back (even if only for a short visit) and you HAVE BEEN MISSED!!!!!


Good to see ya!!! Love the color combo - probably wouldn't have put those together on my own but I will now!!! Trying to train DS/DD to vacume - lost cause with DH...(but he does cook and even do laundry if it needs it - can't complain..)

Julie Dinn

Fabulous card Carole! It is good to see you stamping again!

I think your kitchen actually looks better all ripped apart than mine does on a day to day basis! lol

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