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January 15, 2010


Rose Ann

Gosh...the whole thing is just ridiculous, isn't it? Can't wait to see your makeover (if you decide to share). ;)

Eileen Velez

I am a major Conan fan - now more than ever!!!!!!! Leno is a bully!

Linda L Bien

I don't watch either one of these -- I'm a reality TV freak; however, in reading about the situation, I think Jay is acting like a little spoiled kid and really needs a time out!!!
I'm really anxious to see your extreme mackeover .... and I promise not to cry!! However, I may turn green with envy!!
Linda Bien


Hi Carole! Hate Jay, LOVE Conan. Hope you are doing great and can't wait to see your "new" digs!! Are you coming back to MI????

Julia Stainton

Hi Carole! Can't wait to see your extreme home makeover and all the other creative projects you've been up to.

Take've been missed,



I'm with Coco too!! Poor Conan, it stinks.

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