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February 27, 2010


Julie Campbell

Carole! You are a nut! LOL! I love your little cosmic cuppie. :) And... now I want to go back and add something to my poor little cuppie's blank sheet of paper. Yours is very, VERY cute!

Alli Miles

Love how you made hearts on the paper (GENIOUS). Great layout and stitching too. And girlfriend have I told you how much I LOVE your posts. They always have me smiling.

Julia Stainton

Cute, cute, cute! Love this layout and the stitching!

Kim Hughes

you have such a way with rick color...I LOVE your card Carole!! (great sentiment)

Deborah Anton

DARLING!! I love it all!!


Super cute Carole!! And you're right, that paper is perfect with that image!

Lori Craig

Oh, super cute... LOVE the sentiment. Had to chuckle - I get you, I understand. :) Cute use of the paper and great layout! :) Have a great weekend!


you're a riot - I love your card! danish furniture, ha! the sentiment is perfect for crafty cuppie!

Michele B.

This is fabulous, Carole! I love the little hearts on the paper-- GSM... :) And the stitching! Love it all!

Furniture Quest

Love the crafty cuppie... Could eat a couple cupcakes about now. Thanks for the fun and the craving...


Carole, you NEVER cease to make me chuckle!!!

GREAT CARD by the way!!!!

Jennifer Buck

Hey sweet Girl! Big hugs! Miss you! This is such a cutie! I'm so happy to see you stamping! I was perusing through the Jiffy blogs and saw your name! What a happy day! I hope all is well with you and that you have a wonderful day!

Term Papers

Awesome. It is amazing how some people come up with cool ideas.

dictionar german

Some people just don't seem to appreciate the cosmic importance of rubber stamping' I laugh two minutes continuously. This is so cute, yeiii!

Ree Donnelly

Hi, Carole,
Just trying to promote my blog... can you visit & comment? It'd mean the world to me...

thanks! PS... miss u!

chis v

Up till now I have been able to resist the cupcake stamps, I think this is the one I will have to buy. You little enabler you!
and I love that idea of a small circle of stampers doing that challenge, and you are right this one had the perfect paper for that image.


bed frames

There are really creative people in here! I hope I am one! I like the cool and new ideas.

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Fabulous! They are really cute and very cool. You are an artists. Love it!

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