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February 01, 2010


Julie Campbell

Wow! Carole! Your house is so beautiful! (only slightly jealous here) ;) And... your shadow boxes are AMAZING! Seriously, wow! :) Carter is getting so big! I was just researching the Lokomat for locations for adult therapy. I just had a family member who had a stroke and lost most of her mobility on one side. It looks like an amazing therapy tool!


So I get the snow...and the aliens... but where are the guinea pigs?? Love your projects! Hope all has been going well with Carter's new therapy! I've already started investigating who might have one of those machine's here in the SF Bay area - I figure Stanford's GOTTA have one, right?? and while Jackson's still a little young, it never hurts to have a plan! Take care!

Mayberry Magpie

Not sure if they're hung? Mine was hung the day I brought it home!

It's in my study, which has butter walls and black bookcases and red accents and it looks divine. It is my new favorite of my Buddha collection.

Glad you were able to stay home during the storm. I thought about you. And I heard on the radio yesterday that it was the first day of the new session so I sent a happy thought out into the world for your season of freedom.

Got your message and will call later today.

Margaret R

Your home is lovely, what a beautiful winter scene. Loved your shadow boxes too.
How are you liking People of the Book? My book club is reading it too and I just finished it, LOVED it! Stay warm.


OOOO I cant wait to see your Pop Art in VELVET (seeing neon pink neon green neon yellow and neon blue) ELVIS Silhouettes...


Deborah Anton

I knew that peaceful look of your home was a cover.... ; ) Beautiful nonetheless... and the thought of Elvis pop art... can't wait!!! Read... I want to read.... I got to read my first book in who knows how long during my flights to and from CHA!! lol... xoxo


I can't wait to see the 'E' project, Miss Carole!

Hey, these gifts are just awesome--makes me want to get out my e-gun and get to work.

How do you get anything done with that sweet boy battin' his eyelashes at ya? Love the story, and the pix!

Rose Ann

Your house looks so beautiful blanketed in the freshly fallen snow, Carole!

Carter is such a sweetheart in his Stitch costume! I love his big, happy grin!

The gifts you've made for your friends are so beautiful and thoughtful!!

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