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March 31, 2010


Lori Craig

Too cute for words, Ms. Carole. LOVE your hills, your coloring, your paper piecing on her coat, the sentiment. LOVE her. :)

Jody Morrow

You stamp? LMAO This card is amazing. It is SO pretty and I LOVE everything about it. I kept looking at the reed zig zag wondering what it was. You did that by hand? Awesome. Glad you stamped. It was fun to look at! :)


Alli Miles

Carole this is a WOWZA kind of card. Love how you brought the image into the circle scene, the stitching, the cut up sentiment, the brads...the whole nine yards!

Julie Campbell

OK. Where do I start?!? First of all... I don't know what kind of a camera you use... but your pictures are so crisp and perfect! wow! And... this card is seriously over-the-top-amazing. You must have been saving up all of that creative juice just for this moment. I LOVE the stitching, the sentiment, the grass.... all of it!!!

Kim Hughes

I just adore this SUPER sweet scene Carole!! I LOVE her dress! amazing card :)

Christina Fischer

LOVE this!!! The layout and all of your details are fabulous!

Thanks for the walk down Hee Haw lane! ;)

Sue from Oregon

You had me at hello...I would have read the whole darn post even without the darling are too entertaining for words..Yee Haw!


A couple of questions:

How many times have you called Brad and he answered the phone, "empty arms hotel"?

Who killed Stringbean?

P.S. I'll trade you Hee Haw for Deadwood.


Just had to comment and tell you how you tickled my funny bone and what a blast to the past to recall Hee Haw--in fact I am now mopping up my computer screen and keyboard because I just spit out my coffee during one of my reactions to your Hee Haw rants! You go girl! HEE HAW!

Elaine Moore

Born and raised in Anadarko, Okla - we Okies know what's important and will wait forever for it. I'll wait for your blog for as long as it takes.

May HeeHaw live forever - giggle

Ree Donnelly

Oh she is so cute, Carole!!! Adorable card!


Well this card and post were well worth the read. I loved every word and the card too!

Ashleigh (caprimom)

This is my first time visiting your blog; came here from Kim Hughes' blog. I'll be sure to come back! You are a hoot!


Goodness is it really you? Can't be. Must be an imposter who has assumed your blogging identity. :)

Your card is absoluting adoreable. I can't believe all that intricate trimming around those pig tails and that dainty hand. Outstanding card, my friend.


Carole, if I didn't love ya I'd SLAP YA!!!! I'm sittin here singing hee hee hee haw haw, heeeeeee, hawwwwwww..... Grrrrr... I LOVED Hee Haw growin up!!!! tee hee!!!!

That stamp is SUPER STINKIN CUTE!!!! That paper, AWESOME!!!!

Mayberry Magpie

Popping in to say this card is a masterpiece. No kidding. All your cards are attractive and well-executed, but this one is so . . . sublime in detail I don't have words.

Except, bravo!


Definitely the 'absence-makes-the-heart-grow-fonder' type! :-) Miss you Carole! And oh my this card is FABULOUS!! My parents loved Hee Haw too, which I remember as being torture at the time. Wonder what I'll torture my kids with? Dancing with the Stars? Hmmm, interesting things to ponder...

chis v

I was thinking of you this morning and then you appeared as a link of TCP so how could I not stop and visit.
Here's why I thought of you - I was using the MFT "Lovin' from the Oven" stamp and that women in the apron always makes me think of you, even if you woman in the apron has a head (how silly is that?). I wonder if anyone else makes that strange association...
well, I always love visiting and miss seeing you regularly but such is life.
BTW, I miss my mom so much I'd sit thru Hee Haw just to spend time with her again.
PS - great creation, paper and image work well together.

Carolyn King

Hee Haw was WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY before my time but I appreciate you humor attempts! (snort!)

LOVE the card though....the hand stitching just puts it over the tip top!


Hee Haw and Big Joe's Polka show dey go togeder like grits and ham......aaahhhh memories - now you have me seeing heads popping up in the cornfield......(and there are no cornfields here in Florida....).
Adorable card - love all the little details!!!

Michele B.

So sweet, Carole! I love Little Red in the circle. And the grass! GSM! :)

Michele B.

And I LOVE the paper you chose!! :) :)

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