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April 12, 2010


Chelle (hanwayink)

Beautiful projects! Great interview too! :D


You are very valued by all of us MFT Junkies!! And I can't tell you how heartening it is to hear about you playing Frisbee with Carter! Next week we have an appointment to get Jackson fitted for his first Wheelchair - and he's just 18 months!!

Nice to see you still creating!

Gabriela (Gabi With An Eye)

Congratulations on becoming this week's Fabulous Friend. I had a similar weekend as you've so aptly described in your post, but mine was with my husband and our 12-year old daughter. Love your artwork!

Jody Morrow

Awwww, poor Carole. :) Miss you, girlie. :)

Bonnie aka raduse

Carole, sounds like your boys live in my house. :) Miss you a lot. Glad to see Kim coaxed you out with some stamping laughter.


Carole - your project is AWESOME! And BTW - Martin loved your special trick...I demonstrated it for him....


Oh how I despise my need to be constantly validated by others in my life about how wonderful I am and how they couldn't live a moment without me, when OBVIOUSLY they can and they know this so sometimes, (mostly ALL the time) they refuse to play my reindeer games. I will play with you Carole, this is spectacular( I really mean that, I'm not just playing games) and I think your blog is fabulous, because I love hearing stories from lives other than mine. Thank you for sharing and know that we love you oh so much.

jenni king

awwwwww poor baby!! Boys are yucky, remember that lesson from 3rd grade? ;)

Glad to see you as a favorite MFT friend !! Great project.


Ree Donnelly

Carole... just read the Fab Friend interview and I am ROTFL !! You crack me up!!!
And of course... great creations too!

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