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May 24, 2010


Amy Rohl/rohla

I just love watching that martini spill out your name...could watch it over and over and over..ahem, Carole! hey there girlfriend! I see you haven't lost your swanky stamping skillz one bit. Those Sprinkle eyes are hypnotic--so very cool! Love your woody, too, wink!

Leigh O'Brien

Aaaaahhhh...I just love the have some "Carole" back in the mix! Fun and funny typical of YOU!

karrie baker

Love your rockin' card Carole!! :)

Sonja "Sony" Christoph

ahahahaha I'm just LOVIN' that martini glass. What a fun and great card!!!


Super duper fantastic! I like the way Sprinkle thinks! :) And I just love the words, "multi-tasking mavens". Awesome card, Carole!


Sooo adorable and clever! Love your card. That wood paper is very cool!

Carolyn King that wood scallop accent...and who can resist Sprinkle?

Alma's bday? Gotta get on that one!!!!!!

chis v

well as much as I love your card and I love it to pieces, I have to say that the little ditty "Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy" is now playing over and over in my head. Of course I will always remember the wonderful lyric "I'll teach your grandmother to suck eggs". It just doesn't get any better than that.

alma de la rosa

With the "Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy" playing in my head, I realize that you get me. Not only do you get me, but you get that Sprinkle is my alter ego. Drinks, presents, cake? You get me girl. And your card is FABULOUS. The wood, the preppy ribbon, the colors... *sigh* It completes me.

Christina Fischer

LOVE this!!! The thought bubbles are great -- what girl doesn't think of those things on her birthday (or any day)??


WOW! just found you through the mft site - you are the master of patterned paper!
thanks for all the inspiration!

Lucy Newton

Congratulations Alma! Feliz Cumpleaños!

Rose Ann

I love your adorable, birthday card, Carole...and your woody scallops look awesome as well!!

Jody Morrow

Super cute! I neeeeeeeeeeed that wood paper. EEEK! That is SO cool.


I LOVE This card!!!! So cute!

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