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September 07, 2010



Well bless her (your mother's) heart. Yup, been there, expeirence that same uber helpful mother phenomenon. Great card, nonetheless.


OMG! You crack me up!!!! Hand made Thomas invites or not, M.O.T.Y. DAILY Carole!!!! I can only imagine the fun in your household!!!!

Sorry about the Mom thing... WTH? LOL

Have an AWESOME Birthday party with Mr Carter...

SFYTT Ugh, they wont mind!!!!! :)

Lori Craig

How cute!! I know you secretly stamp with those Thomas images all the time. Don't try to fool me. I also downloaded a similar graph paper pattern last week to use on a banner. Good stuff!


Definitely mom-of-the-year-worthy, Carole! And I love that stamp set. I wonder if someone on the FSOT forum has one up. One of my friends has two guys - 7 and 4 - an both are huge fans of Thomas and Buzz Lightyear. She's already done a couple of Toy Story/Buzz themed parties, and maybe Thomas could make an appearence for the next party.

Kerry J.

Really - the cards are almost as good as the story behind them! LOL!

Tori Wild

lol-- this cracks me up-- I just sent invites one week out for my daughter, but I flaked and made a photo card from Target in photoshop and added all the info for it. It was a valiant effort-- too bad on the oops with taking them out of the mailbox! Sounds like something my mom would have done! I'm sure Jen forgives you! :)

Julie L Masse

You're too funny Carole!! I think the major thing in this whole story is that Carter LOVED them - and really that's who you did them for, right? :) You're awesome!


Oh, my goodness...thank you for the laugh this evening! I absolutely adore those invites and wish my boy was young enough to make something like that for!

Julie Campbell

Oh NO, Carole! LOL! Do we have the same mother?!? Sorry. It's funny to me, probably not so funny for you at the time. But... your cards are ADORABLE! Way to use those stamps! ;)

Jody Morrow

Gob job, Mommy! You rock. Me? I bought store bought invites a couple weeks ago. LMAO OOPS!

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