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September 20, 2010


Shannan Teubner

You know I love ya girl! And I promise...there were no tips given...they just love ya! :) Why?? Because you're a (say it with me) "MAJOR CELEBRITY!" Right! Thanks for humoring us. Your project is amazing.

Lynne Phelps

LOVE the banner - the kiddos are adorable and your project is amazing and inspiring. Of course I am seeing it through the glow of your MAJOR celebrity, LOL! ;-)


oh how CUTE!! Love what you created with those cutie pie kids!

off to go add your blog to my google reader because I need some MAJOR CELEBRITY reads in there. And i love your wicked sense of humor. LOL!


Whoo hooo...can I have your autograph PUHLEESE???? I will cherish it forever because you A.R.E. a MAJOR celebrity!!! I'm still grinning like a Cheshire cat...thx.


WOW!! This is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! You are very talented!!


I'm not worthy! I'm not worthy! ;)

Nicole Anderson

LOVE THEM ALL, Carole! Just wonderful work! Nicole (Amber Alumni Aug 2010 Brown torch)

Charmaine Ikach

Absolutely FABULOUS, Carole! And YES, you ARE a big time celebrity! :)

Amy Rohl

Ho-wee kwap, these are stinkin' adorable! The kitty cat girl kwacks me up! can come outta your shell and tell the world about your celebrity status, C!


YOU are SUCH a DIVA!!!!! LMAO!

Great Project oh GREAT ONE!!!!! :)

Carolyn King

wow...totally awesome, miss awesome celebrity girl!


this is so totally adorable, but it's no surprise, coming from the crafty Diva & all! You so ROCK the MAJOR celeb scene- can't wait for more!!


This is so CUTE...and you are definitely a celeb in my mind!!


This is so way cute :)

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