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October 19, 2010


janet dowell

Very very cute card! Love the footnotes you put in! But most importantly, way to go on the 36 out of 35! Grad school is no picnic, especially when you're a Mom, but you're doing super AND creating cards (Very cute ones at that!) Way to go!

alma de la rosa

I, would love to see an interpretive dance, but I think I am just as impressed with your masking skills. Cute!

Julie L Masse

Carole these 3 sheep are simply adorable! Awesome masking!! :) Woo hoo on the test score too!

Vickie Z

Those sheep are absolutely adorable!!! Just recently heard about your fascination with Diana's sweater...!! Great job on the test!! Amy doesn't live in a double wide trailer???
Love Judy Collins myself {showing my age??}!!

Kimberly Gajewski

This is simply divine Carole! I love, love, love how you've grouped these delightful sheep! They are colored up perfectly too! Wonderfully done! :D

Jenny Peterson

Wow Carol!!!!!!!!! Using 3 sheep is just pure genious!!! I freakin LOVE this card to bits!! I don't comment one anyones blog posts very much, but this card drove me over the 'to comment or not to comment' edge and here I am rambling away!! Your blog is hilarious! You are a fantastic writer (I even read them aloud to my husband occasionally and he thinks your funny too:)It's no surprise that you are heading up the newsletter- and congrats on the grade:)

Jody Morrow

Super cute card! Very fashionable. ;)


Love this! I have loved each and every sheep card you have made. :-)

Michele Boyer

You are SO funny...from the sweater to the gyrating to the tooting. Congrats on your midterm! :)

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