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October 13, 2010


Dawn Easton

Wow girl you are busy! I agree though, it's better to lead a full and busy life than a boring one! What would you have to look back on then, right?

Fabulous idea for a card! Love that you created a background!!

Hope you have a great day!!!

Amy Rohl

Geesh, I'm tired just reading about your schedule, dear! Good for you and your kiddos!

Hey, could this card BE any cuter or more perfect? You ARE the queen of backgrounds, my friend!



LOVE the card; I was born and bred a Boomer Sooner - the ONLY kind they grow in Oklahoma, right?

Now seriously - how do you run a marathon - I would love to learn to run long distances! Did you exercise prior to taking on this great adventure? I can't run more than a couple of minutes without thinking I'm dying (yeah, I'm in the process of losing weight) but WOW, you go girl!!!

Carolyn King

Very cute!!!
Good luck with the marathon training---the hardest thing I have ever physically done but totally worth it in the end!

Lisa Henke

busy, busy, thanks for showing us all that YOU can do it all! I love my busy-mom-lifestyle, too. wouldn't trade it. LOVE your PI football card-he's a cutie!

Cindy haffner

PERFECT coloring girl!! FABULOUS!!


I have been a big fan of your blog for a few years now, and have always enjoyed your wit. But here's what I don't get: you mentioned growing up in Alexandria, VA a long time ago, which made me feel a certain kinship for you, having grown up next door in Arlington, VA. How can you possibly be a lifelong Cowboys fan? This is not adding up. All I can say is that now we (Redskins) have an excellent player in Landry!


Linda Beeson

Oh so cute in those red colors.

Lesa (Grasshopper)

Very sweet! I'm sure you would find it shocking it believe, but my schedule almost mirrors yours. . .just substitute soccer with volleyball, Sean not having an opponent with John having one, your school work with my client work, drives to Tulsa for trips to Oklahoma City twice to three times a week . . . no wonder we never have time to get together and we live less than 30 miles apart!



Cute card & hang in there- you guys certainly have quite a schedule(& i thought my 1 full time Kindergartener was keeping me swamped- LOL!) wishing you all the best for mid-terms!

Michele Boyer

I'm tired just reading about your schedule, Carole. I don't know how you do it. SUPER cute card though! I love all the extra touches!

Kelly Lunceford

And I thought I was busy...just reading your post made me want to take a nap! LOL! You go girl and good luck on your marathon. I would be interested to see what steps one takes to train properly. You will have to keep us updated!

Deborah B.

You will LOVE the marathon! It's a party rather than a marathon! :-) The training is so worth the rush when you cross the finish line. Disney was my first and thought was my only. As soon as I crossed the line (in tears from the high!), I asked "Where's the next one?!" That was back in 2003. Now I've racked up 14 (-ish) halfs and 8 (-ish) fulls all over the nation and multiples at Disney. I even did the Goofy the first year they offered it-now that's peer pressure for ya!! I'll be thinking of you that weekend! When you ask "What was I thinking?!" for the 10th time or so, I'll send you some positive energy all the way from Texas! You go girl!!


Your life sounds exhausting!! Super cute card!!

Jody Morrow

Beautiful card. Your coloring is awesome.

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