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November 17, 2010



I have lost count on the number of times I went to see Sound of Music. Love your take on the challenge. and your Yodel too hehe!

Dawn Easton

Your snowglobe card is adorable!!! Love all the elements you got in there and were inspired by!!

Kerry J.

Ooh your snowglobe is SO pretty Carole! Love Wyatt and I love the Sound of Music too. I totally see you as Maria!!

Wendy Bond

God I love write such great posts!! The card is fab! Like you, I love that movie and watch it every year it is on! Did you see the cast on Oprah? Google it...

Amy Rohl

Aaack! This is just stinking perfection, my dear! I'm so going to 'try' one of these...maybe?!

Bonnie aka raduse

Yes!! Someone else who loves Sound of Music as much as I do. My family also hates it when I pull it out. My mom and I used to watch it together all the time when it came on TV before the video came out. Awesome take on the challenge and your yodel too.


Over the top, girlie! But that's so not YOU, right? ;-) I do love your posts simply for the entertainment factor, but your projects ain't hard to look at, either ;-) This is totally amazing, Carole!


I completely squealed when I saw in the MFT newsletter that you had made a snowglobe - YAY!!! This turned out so cute. And I also adore The Sound of Music, I really MUST play this week! And since you mentioned you like the word flibbertigibbet, I feel compelled to tell you that one of my family nicknames is Libertygidget. Reminded me of that word. LOL!!


Carole, I love you and I love this blog post! Your card is adorable and I'm even more convinced you are my other sister switched at birth when I read about your love of Sound of Music. Libertygidget and I love that movie too!!!


Thanks for the video. Lonely goatherd is our favorite song from it too. My bf dvr'd that part & watched it at least once daily until we had to replace that dvr.

The card is adorable too!


Fabulous! Just Fabulous! Now I've got Ode Lay Hee stuck in my head. On the bright side, that's not so bad when one is writing intellectual property clauses.

christina fischer

That's my favorite song, too! Great minds...

Love your snowglobe! The snowflakes stamped on the acetate are too sweet!


Adorable snow globe card! And I have to say...having danced around the fountain from the film, I like Do Re Mi best!! :-)


This is simply amazing Carole!

Carolyn King

(I think my comment got eaten!)

I LOVE this card....beautiful job, gimpy!


This is completely CUTE!! Love it!!

Lisa Henke

soooo super cute! in love with this.


This is OUT of this world Carole! LOVE this!!!

Michele Boyer

Fantastic design, Carole! I love that little guy in the "snow globe!" Adorable!

Jody Morrow

Beautiful card, Carole!

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