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November 10, 2010



Carole, I'm so sorry to hear about the fracture and ensuing cast. If you get tired of the crutches, you might consider renting one of those walkers with the knee pad (seat) halfway up it's height. I couldn't tolerate the crutches so that's what I did when I broke my fibula. I rested my knee on the little bench and waled around with much more ease with that little walker.

Pat Jandacek

I'm sure the ONLY way for that fracture to heal was to immobilize it because I'm just as certain there's no immobilizing YOU. So glad it's being taken care of and in such a fashionable manner. Folks can now decide what color background they want for the pithy remarks they write upon it. Oh, the card is grand and I really do enjoy reading your entries. I'm going to copy the message to Kim word for word...that should work!

Jenny Peterson

Ooooo- I took care of a patient once that had fell off a roof and landed feet first (part cat he was;) and breaking those calcaneus' (calcanei??) is one of the most painful!!! so take care and let the healing happen:) Great card btw, and I bought this stamp set the other day and that was my FAV sentiment...actually the main reason I went for the purchase!!


I LOVE Red Gingham and this card is SUPER awesome!!!! Now about that cast... I FREAKIN LOOOOVE IT!!!! And it DOES match your toe nails!!!! LMAO!!!

I'm SO glad they caught it PRE Surgery need... that is NOT fun!!!!! Stay off your feet, stamp and get fixed!!!! PS: I'm copying and pasting your qoute to kim! :)~


so pretty ... both the card and your leg LOL


Yow! That's some cast. Hope you get back on your feet again, soon!

Dawn Easton

Oh my gosh! Sorry that you had to go in a cast but if it means healing faster, better and no surgeries, that's a good thing, right?
Chloe would have loved THAT cast for her wrist last spring! ha!

Your card is awesome! Love that little twine...can't wait to get my hands on some ;)

Cindy haffner

Oh Carole the gingham is PERFECT!


LOVE the card...and the cast!! Hope it comes off soon!!

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