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November 24, 2010


Joan B

Good grief woman! You are making me look like a Christmas loser!! And I am!! Have a wonderful holiday. Love to read how things are going. Gorgeous stuff in your home too!

Kerry J.

Wow - look at all the eye candy in this post!! Love your decorations Carole - beautiful! And you've so inspired me to make my own tags - yours are gorgeous and so doable! Smart chickie!

Gabriela (Gabi With An Eye)

You softie, you! Cat's outta the bag now! Have a warm and wonderful Thanksgiving.


Christmas villages and a snowman tree. More evidence you were meant to be our sister!


Girl after my own heart! I have my villages out, too, and, ahem, "several" trees up already. Love those tags, girlie!


I love, love, love the idea of putting the houses on top of your cabinets! I may have to try that!

Dawn Easton

Beautifully decorated, Carole!!! Love your snowman tree!!! I collect snomen and this would be a fabulous idea in our bonus room....ha!

Your gift tags are perfect! Great idea to use adhesive paper!!


Love the Tags, the homes, and YOU!!!!

Jane Harrah

I am grateful for my blog friends that share so much of themselves. No matter if I comment or not, I always read you and enjoy what you share. Happy Thanksgiving and Thanks for Giving. I am a tad jealous about the decorating thing..............I am trying to "downsize" so getting rid of items, rather than displaying....... : (


Carole, what a delight to read your "meandering post" and see your wonderful Christmas preparations. Wow, you know how to get things organized early. The rest of us are envious and admiring....

Carolyn King

wow...those villages look awesome. (also loving your paint colors!)
Love your wonderful homemade bows and tags.....beautiful!
Happy happy Thanksgiving!!!

Bonnie aka raduse

Wow Carole!!! I love all of your Christmas villages. They are so beautiful to look at. I'm so thankful for your wit and all of your funny posts. Keep it up.

Kimberly Gajewski

Wow Carole! Now that's a lot of tags and the bows are just beautiful too! What wonderful villages you have! They look lovely! :D


You sparked some memories w/this one! When the fledglings were home they used to ask me to read them certain books or watch certain movies. It was just so they could watch the flood gates open. They thought it was so funny! Once they flew the coop, I quit crying. Go figure! Christmas looks amazing at your house. You've motivated me to take the Halloween down ;-)

Christina Fischer

Oh, you are a girl after my own heart! I also decided to pull out the Dickens Village after a several-year hiatus! :)

Your Christmas preparations are beautiful -- thanks for sharing a little bit of your world with us!

BTW, I have been a giant weepy ball of mush as Kyle moves makes his way through his senior year. Senior portraits, his last high school soccer game, ordering his graduation announcements... it's killing me. He also loves to point out that it's x-number of months until graduation or until he leaves for college -- he plays the same game with me. :)

Amy Rohl

Your post is so "Carole"--smart, witty, sappy and sentimental. Boy, you are one well-rounded gal, ya know it?! That's why me loves ya so much!

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

Michele Boyer

Wow, that's a LOT of crankin' on those tags! Love them though! And I love all of your decorations and tree too! :)


I LOVE those villages...I should start collecting them!! LOVE that you make your own bows, rock!! Great labels, too!! Yaaaaay you!!

Jody Morrow

Wow Carole, I'm so glad to see you are finding the time and motivation to decorate so beautifully. I'm glad to see you happy... And crafting. :)



Jenna Schrock

Hah! I can totally relate with being a crybaby. LOL! Just thinking about bringing my teenager to a dentist to have his Invisalign in Los Angeles gives me butterflies on my stomach. It feels like it was just yesterday when he was crying and I held him, and now he wants braces! Ugh. Anyway, I love your Valley collections! I'm envious. Haha!

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