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November 09, 2010



love this!

Megan Lock

I went to vote the other day and noticed another Burrage of sorts on the ballot. Steve? I'm betting he's related to Sean...

This is darling. I can't wait to see more TCP sneaks too! Too cute!

Cindy haffner

Very SWEET Carole, I ADORE her!!

Michele Boyer

This is so sweet, Carole. Sweet and dainty, like you. (lol) Sorry about your foot. I hope it's ok (but please don't post a pic-lol). And yes, those MRI rooms are COLD!!!! Brrrr....


Yes, it's FREEZING in that damn room and you have to lay there for EVER it seems... then you can't get up as you are frozen to the table! LOL

Good luck and let us know how you are doing!!!! I always say, runnin is BAD for your health!!!! That's why they invented CARS!!!!! LOL

LOVE the card to PS... LOL

Karen Motz

Your paper piecing is perfect!!!!!!!


Those socks are DARLING!!!

Amy Rohl

Positively perfect in every way, my friend!

Melody Rupple

So cute! Love those socks!


OMG I adore this sweet card!
Lana x


Those socks are over the top, Carole! Too flippin' CUTE!

Dawn Easton

Carole! This is just the sweetest! Such pretty papers and that felt flower is beautiful!!!

Carolyn King


Jenn Borjeson

Gorgeous, love the paper piecing, it's just beautiful!


OMGosh, SO CUTE!!!

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