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November 03, 2010


Lesa (Grasshopper)

Ah sister, I feel your pain. I suffered from a stress fracture myself about a year ago. I highly recommend decorating your boot with some fancy schmancy trim from your collection. I promise it will make you feel better!

Love your card! What a great idea to use light ink on a color cardstock. Why didn't I think of that?

Jenny Peterson

Oh No! Hope you're feeling better soon! At least you can still manage to put together an amazing card and an equally impressive blog post! That'll teach you for exercising I guess- Just kidding of course! Get better soon, but until then, keep up the stamping:) Looking forward to your next post (I know what you're thinking, but I have 3 little boys and an extra nephew today, so your blog is honestly the biggest excitment I'm going to get today;)


Oh no Carole! You poor thing! I hope you feel better asap! I, of course, ADORE your card!!!

nicky manel

You are amazing! Not only are you still smiling but you were able to also make an amazing card. Hope you feel better real soon


Cindy haffner

Amazing girl!!!


WOW WOW this is just an incredible card!! LOVE it! i'm so so sorry you're injured-hope you'll feel better soon!


Oh NOOOOO!! You poor thing!! I hope it is nothing serious and you are back to chasing kids and men, alike!!;)

Your card is GORGEOUS!! Probably my FAVE a la mode!!


Oh no!!! Are you still going to make it to FL in Jan??? You HAVE to be OK!!!!!!

Dawn Easton

Oh my gosh girl!!! Hope it turns out okay and isn't too serious! I wish you a speedy recovery!!

LOL...gmta eh?! Love that you embossed the paper and added those fun stars!

Carolyn King

Your card is adorable.
More importantly....wishing you a speedy recovery...hope the worst of your troubles are in the past :)


awesome card Carole, love all the extra. Hope you are feeling back to normal soon

Christina Fischer

Ouch!! I hope you are on the mend and feeling better each day! I'm sure you'll come up with some stampy way to spruce up that leg contraption!

I DO love this card -- it's full of holiday sweetness! :)

Hugs, my friend!

Amy Rohl

Fabulous, fabulous, fabby fab card, Carole! BUT...the whole foot/ankle deal...hmm...God's way of making you slooooow down! Take care and give your ankle a kiss from me!


Leigh O'Brien

Good Lord, Carole! What a mess! I can definitely commiserate with you on all of that but what the heck?! How did it get that bad that quickly without you really knowing it?

On a side note, I also got some long awaited flowers from Bill...or should I say a single flower and a card from the hospital gift shop. And while the thought was there for getting that card, I realized that it was talking about a new beginning or something like that and it was actually a "congrats! you had a baby" card. HA! Oh well, thought that counts, right? I do, however, firmly believe that I am now the proud owner of an iPad for my 15th anniversary due to him feeling really sorry for me with all of my issues in the last two months. Hey, works for me!!

Hugs to you, silly girl...hope you're feeling much better soon!

Deborah B.

Oh my goodness! SO sorry to hear that! Keeping happy thoughts for you! And that card....just the best as alwaya!

Pat Jandacek

Well, you spoiled MY fun...I had a very clever smart-alecky comment to leave...until I saw the foot all trussed up! My advice now is to make the most of it; you can stamp and color much easier than cook and clean. That would be my story anyway! Fast healing to you and I really am sympathetic.


Oh no Carole, so sorry about your foot! Good luck with the MRI today. How frustrating that must be!

The card of course is wonderful!


Hoping that your foot/leg heals quickly so you can get back at it. I, too, was pulled into marathon training back in January. At the time I couldn't run 3 miles but can proudly say I just completed the Chicago Marathon on 10-10-10. 4:54:05 I have no doubt you can do it but I can vouch that it certainly takes time to put in those miles. Good luck!

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