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December 11, 2010


Christina Fischer

1. Cute card!
2. When did Truman become a man?
3. Carter's face looks clean enough to me!
4. Have a great weekend, PPL! :)

Jody Morrow

Your card is so cute. Love the coloring.

Good luck to Truman! It's hard being a mom when your child could face disappointment. Madeline just got ousted in the first round of the spelling bee, even though she was the "favorite" to win. OUCH. Many tears and much annoyance later... she is fine. LOL Let us know what happens with him. :)

Carter is adorable. Please tell me you cried. I would have (and do). LMBO\



This ROCKS Carole! LOVE the PI you used, your coloring and the papers too! Your boys are just GORGEOUS!!!

Dawn Easton

Adorable card! Feels so warm yet the image makes me go brrrrr! LOL! Fabulous!

Truman looks so grown up!!! Good luck to him in his campaign!
Isn't Carter adorable!

Mom, you should be proud! Brag away...I love reading about everyone's family!!!


I have got to say, the cards are great to look at but seeing FAMILY involved in blogs is THE BEST... I am smiling EAR TO EAR over the growth of both boys. I am remembering back to the first day of school picture which was only what... 4 months ago??? My how kids grow SO stinkin fast and OMGOSH!!! What HANDSOME lil devils they are!!!! I LOVE that frosting-y face!!!! LOL Yes, we USED to have Christmas Musicals, now they are called Winter Musicals but NOTHING religious is sung, and I LOVE away in a manger with children singing...

HUG'em Mom... OK, now get back to the hob nobbin'!!!!



Wendy (joelysmom)

Look at your adorable boys!!! Oh, the card is cute too!

Bonnie aka raduse

I'm moving to Oklahoma! There's no way schools in Calif would do anything resembling a religious song. :( Your card is too cute, but your boys are adorable!


PPL....hmmm. SUPER cute card, and your boys are ADORABLE!!

Laurie in MN

Cute pics of your sons.

In our area of MN, some music directors incorporate a variety of songs from different faiths.

Lisa T

Your boys are so cute! And they have great hair. :) Good luck to your oldest son on his campaigning. (And your class didn't know what a good thing they were missing when they elected someone else!)


Fabulous photos! I just want to give your little guys a big squeeze! I'm routing for Truman and couldn't agree more with just offering sugar cookies and sprite! LOL Great card too...for some reason I really loved that sketch as well! *wink*

Kimberly Gajewski

Your card is FABULOUS! I LOVE the paper and the addition of heart! Best of luck to Truman! It looks like Carter's show was wonderful! (I'd cry too!) :D

Nancy Thomas

I really like the homespun look of this sweet card. Great photos too!

Carolyn King

beautiful card and LOVE the adorable pics of the kids. Go Truman!
Carter is adorable. LOVE all the pics of him singing and lol on the light ups---Lauren is the same way (has to wear twinkle toes all the time. sigh!)

Amy Rohl

Oh, I just loves me some Burrage boys--melting hearts around the!

Loves me your PI card as well...purty colors!

Michele Boyer

Love your pics, Carole! Your boys are adorable, especially the messy face! (And I'm right there with you and the sugar cookies and Sprite.)

Love your card too! Super cute! And so warm!

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