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January 15, 2011


Amy Rohl

I love this card, and I but I really LOVE that you let us peek into your stamping world and mind--what a treat, I tell ya!


So totally cute!!

alma de la rosa

Awesome tutorial, Carole. You're the Bee's you know whats.

Christina Fischer

I LOVE this card! My wallet is in some serious trouble with this release, I tell ya!

Big congrats to Truman! The apple definitely doesn't fall far... :)

Julie L Masse

This is one seriously awesome card Carole!! I love how you line everything up - it's perfection!

jessica k

Fantasticly done, Carole, I'm so excited about seeing this new die. Wow, for the new release!

Rose Kerry

Oh my gosh your card is awesome, thanks so much for showing us how you did the faux postage, I was looking at it trying to figure out how you got it so perfect before I scrolled down. Awesome work.

Jody Morrow

Very cute card!

Why did you buy a nook color when you have an iPad? I need to know. :) LOL

Kimberly Gajewski

This is lovely Carole! These faux postage stamps and Cut-ups are terrific! I LOVE the cancellation mark...too cute! Congratulations to Truman!


Way to go Truman!!! That's so exciting!


This comment is ALL FOR TRUMAN!!!

WAY TO GO TRUMAN!!! CONGRATULATIONS ON A HARD FOUGHT VICTORY!!!!! Now, represent your class with PRIDE and DIGNITY young man!!! Your Ma posts things about you that ALWAYS make me SMILE!!!! GOOD JOB!!!!!! :)

Sandra ltb

this is soooo much fun!
Sandra ltb

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