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January 05, 2011


Shannan Teubner

I had to GUFFAW at this one...Cole wanted a ladybug pillow pet too!! So Carter's not alone. :)

Cindy haffner


Dawn Easton

Totally cute!!! Love the fun colours!

Christina Fischer

I can just hear Denis Leary's voice coming out of this little bug...

Too cute and clever!!


this is adorable Carole, love how you changed it to suit a boy


So stinkin' CUTE, Carole! Love that ribbon!

Jenny Peterson

Couldn't be cuter Carole!!!! I love his 5 o'clock shadow:)Very creative!

Michele Boyer

Cute. lol. (My mind was going into an ENTIRELY different place last night when you were hinting about what you did with this stamp. lol. YOUR idea is much less gross. lol.)

chris v - easily amused

love the back story, I was thinking he looked like he needed a shave. He also reminds me of the lollipop league dudes in Oz. tough little mugs, I wouldn't mess with them.

Amy Rohl

You "kwack" me up, girl! Leave it to you to come up with something this hilarious and this cute, and then have the perfect ribbon on top of it all! Only you...only you, that's why I loves ya!

Amy Rohl

So...just went back and read the Carter story...I love your family! And...guess which pillow pet George has...yep, the cow (and the mini pillow pet cow, and the pillow pet cow blanket, too). I think it was the best dam* $60 I ever spent!

Joan Ervin

Hey Ms Carole...I nearly fell out when I saw your sweet face on my's been a year or two since CHA, gf!!! Your card is just toooo cute...such an adorable little ladybug and you always use the prettiest papers!!!! I still have the Elvis card you sent me on the shelf in my craft room....hugs!!!


you are brilliant!!! nuf said!!

Rose Ann

This made me smile BIG, Carole!! I love Francis, and Bug's Life...and your card is perfect!! I especially love the stubble!! You are too clever, I say!! ;)

Jessie/knightrone have got to be one of the funniest people I have ever met. LOVE this!!

Wendy Bond

You are brilliant!!! This is so cute, and funny! I loved the Bugs Life!

Lisa Henke

Carole! omg! this is soooo so cute, in a DUDE sort of way. hehehehe! love the back story and your Valentine is sure to make your little guy smile. and as for your challenge-you're on! We'll see how many of these WSC challenges we complete this year!!

Vickie Z

Honestly, don't get to come to your blog much but, I know when I get there, I will be entertained!! This "he bug" is adorable or should I say handsome!! Love the 5 o'clock shadow!!

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