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February 06, 2011


Kathy D

Thank you for the quick lesson in wabi sabi. You actually turned my glass from half empty to half full. (and quoting Jeff Goldblum from "The Big Chill" added a smile as well)

Christina Fischer

My girls just walked up behind me and said, "That card is so pretty!" 'nuf said. Seal of approval from Anna and Caroline.

Big Chill... one of my most favorite movies ever. :)


Your card is darling 'sweet Carole' LOL I had to say it!!! Love the post too, I'm still in stitches here laughing...I can't get enough of your foot notes!! Love it! Thanks for being so great!

Rose Kerry

Wow, a fun card to look at. Your mermaid is adorable, love the many details and pleats, awesome work.


Totally cute!!


Carole, I just dont know how to stop laughing at you!!!! LMAO! I was THRILLED to know that I am not the only evil one when it comes to laughing HARD at people who fall... it REALLY IS funny.... SO glad I'm not the only meanie in the world!!! ;) Now you and your wabi sabi, and the too lazy to pleat again... I gotta tell ya, I have tried to do that pleating thing and math and I are like fire and water... the math being the water... LOL I LOVE the extra texture your extra scores have and I LOVE the "vintage" score tool you have also... I SO want mine back, stupid score pal and math ...again! UGH! LOL

Carolyn King that is how you get that womanly figure...fill your bra with clam shells?! Nice...
Why the heck are you making us work to read your see less footnotes in Shakespeare ;) (I hope you are laughing and laughing some more!)

Love your card...the dimensional bra is just WOW!

Sharon J. Jones

Carolyn, really cute card!! Kudos to you, hon!

pandora profits

Appreciate this post. Will try it out.

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