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February 23, 2011


Denise Bernardoni

OMGosh! What an adorable little girl!! Sweet, sweet, sweet!!!

Cheryl Horton

Congrats on your new BFF, I recently did a rescue and got a boxer. He is an amaxing dog and has become my constant buddy. I don't know what I ever did without him before, lol. Like you the signs were all there, they told me he had wheat issues - well how perfect in our family of wheat allergic humans, haha. Then the day I went to pick him she said she had bad news, he had Lyme disease - I just laughed - it was a match made in heaven both my son & I have Lyme. He was sent for us, just like your Sweet Pea. CONGRATS!! As for our hobby - when I get a crafting block I just look at my buddy's funny face and he cocks his head and boom the block is gone. Enjoy!

Chris Simon

She's beautiful! Her personality sure shows in these photos. Your story sounds familiar. I went to PetSmart almost two years ago to shop for parakeet food, and stopped to pet the rescue dogs. One of them climbed right out of the pen into my arms. We snuggled and chatted until the rescue lady snapped the leash on her and told me that I should take her for a walk around the store. Libby and I haven't been apart since. I tell people all the time that she adopted me.

Amy Rohl

You're either making me laugh or tear up, Carole! I guess that's a sign of a really special friend, huh?! Ü

I'm so happy for Sweet Pea and for you! I've got one of those sheds like a mother-button-son-of-a-basket, too...I feel your pain!

Donna A.

What a sweet and adorable new BFF. I too have rescue dogs and I think they are the best. Congrats and thanks for sharing the pictures they made me smile.


Oh my goodness Carole! Sweet Pea is so stinkin CUTE!!! I just want to reach out and give her a big huge squeeze and belly rub!!! I love your story and so happy to see that another deserving pet found a loving home.

Jodi Collins

Awwww! Congrats on the newest member of your family! She is SO CUTE Carole!!! What a VERY lucky dog to have found a wonderful family and home!!! Enjoy!!

Christina Fischer

Oh, she is SO sweet! I think she and Roscoe could get into all sorts of trouble together... ;)

Karen O

Congrats on your new family member- she is beautiful! We rescued a sheltie/keeshond mix- i.e. a dog that sheds like a mother-button-son-of-a-basket too. Mine is older and calm now but I will be getting all my dogs from the pool of needing-to-be-rescued from now on. I'm glad Sweet Pea and your fam found each other :)


Hee hee Carole, it just tickles me pink to see that a blog post title confirmed your choice of your sweet new pup :) LOVE the name. She sounds like a wonderful dog for your family. Have a great day lady!


Congratulations on the adoption. Sweet Pea is just beautiful and has SUCH a sweet face. Wanna know a secret? My dog's name is Sweet Pea too.


She's beautiful!!! Congrats on your new BFF.


what a sweet face she has.... truly a keeper and one that will keep you smiling for a long time....

Leigh OBrien

What a pretty girl, Carole! This was her coming out announcement...she's a debutante doggie!

Bonnie aka raduse

What a beautiful cutie-pie! She definitely has personality showing in those photos. Your comment about her undertaking duties made me laugh like crazy. Give her a good ol hug from me.


So, so adorable. A gal who doesn't care if she gets dirty. What's not to love?

Jody Morrow

Awwww she is so beautiful. Sweet!

When I was at the vet the other day I saw this brush shedding tool thing that removes lots of the undercoat or something to lessen shedding. If you're interested I can find out the name of it. There was a video playing and it looked pretty impressive.

Michele Boyer

Awww...congrats to Sweet Pea and her new home! She's precious, Carole! (Love the pic of her with her head tilted!)

Carolyn King

awww.....LOVE her! What a sweetie. Love the pic with her head cocked to the side. Enjoy your precious new family member!

Rose Ann

Congratulations on your new family addition, Carole!! She is SO cute, and I love her expressions!! (We found our dog at a shelter as well, and he is the sweetest one we've ever had.)

Kristy Rooney

How could you not fall in love with a face like that!!

Michelle Mathey

Your Sweet Pea looks like a white version of our Lily!
Lily CANNOT resist chasing squirrels - absolutely CANNOT!! Enjoy your new family member!!


Completely adorable...and the mother button thing has me CRACKING up!!


Congratulations on your new arrival! I read your MFT current post first and scrolled down to see Sweet Pea's visual rendering of "Hi, xoxo, Whatever, Say What, LOL and OMG". Your timing is perfect as usual.

Julie L Masse

Carole she is simply the most adorable pooch!! I would definitely not have been able to resist that face myself!! So cute! :)

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