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March 09, 2011



Your son's story is amazing!!! I'm so happy he's learning to play soccer!

Kerry J.

Carole!! I love your card - bright and sunny and so you! And now I'll always think of Carter when I pull out that stamp. Love that he's playing soccer and that he has such supportive teammates! Go Carter! Love - your ppl stalker!

Julie Campbell

Whooo Hooo, Carter! That is SO awesome! I know this had to be a huge moment for you. It made me so proud & I've never even met him. ;)


YAY for Carter! Great job, we should all take our cues from Carter. Just to let you know, when my son played soccer, he was ALWAYS on the ground! He spent more time there than on his feet :)

Lori Craig

Oh my goodness....your card is beautiful, but your story made me cry, real tears. Of course it is Ash Wednesday...of course we celebrate new beginnings today! GO CARTER! GO CARTER! GO CARTER!


Carole, your card is sweet and you know I love me some bright and happy colors, so this is right up my alley. But your story about Carter.
Absolutely beautiful. I am so happy for and proud of him!! Much love to you and your family from me. Much love.

Denise~Paper Ponderings

Fantastic! Love the card and especially love your sharing of Carter!

Lisa Silver (silvergirl)

Yeah Carter!!! Congratulations! I can tell how proud you are! I am too!

I love your card today... and Carter as your inspiration was perfect!


Jackie Pedro

I must have PMS (TMI?) because instead of making me laugh I'm a bit teary eyed! What a proud moment!! GO CARTER! You know he thinks he can do anything because he has a GREAT Mom like you telling him he can!!

Love your card, too! Have a great day!

alma de la rosa

SO AWESOME! Go Team! 'Cause that's what your family is, a team!

janet dowell

How exciting for Carter! Love the fact that his team mates don't see anything wrong with balance! Those are good friends to have!


Carole...Your card is simply stunning, but not as awesome as your little man!! What an inspration Carter is!! Xx

Julie Dinn

Carole, your card is stunning but it pails in comparison to Carter! What a strong, inspiring young man! I'm in tears just reading your post! WOW!

Shannan Teubner

Awwww, so proud of Carter!! This made me tear up a little. Way to let go, mama.

Laura Evans

awesome story! Makes my life issues seem so small....we can learn from Carter! What an inspiration.


Such a fabulous card, Carole! Love it! Thanks for playing Mojo Monday!

Sheena B

your card is gorgeous but your share of your son's accomplishment is beautiful and inspiring.

Leigh OBrien

Yea, Carter! Thank you, Carole, for sharing your "treasure" with all of us!

Kraftin' Kimmie

Carter, YOU ROCK!!! What an absolute treasure he is and such an inspiration! What awesome teammates too!! I came here to see your gorgeous card (which it is, by the way) and leave some love and I am leaving with a rather buoyant feeling in my heart (and rather moist cheeks)...thanks for that. Loves ya!

Kathy D



Aw Carol...your son is such a wonderful inspiration, thank you for sharing this beautiful story. It completely pulled at my heart strings. Give Carter a huge hug for me.


Awesome....the only word that comes to mind to describe your pictures and story. Way to go Carter!!!
Cheers to him, his team, the coaches, you and your family as well!

Michele Boyer

Love this, Carole!! So scrappy! And look at your little guy! Awww...I'm sure you're SO proud! :)


Oh gee wiz, my eyes are gushing over. Awesome story Carole. Woo Hoo Carter!

Karen Day

Got on your blog because your kite card was the best card I've seen in a while... and ended up reading the best story I've heard in a while :o)

Carolyn King

this post put such a big smile on my face. GO CARTER!

andrea m

okay, totally made me cry here. happy tears of course. I remember the vid of him walking- it was big ugly tears from me that day! I have to be honest- when I found out that you were joining us I was over the moon! You were one of my first stamping idols and not only do I adore your cards but you make me laugh. It was because of you that I started going to the MFT forums to watch you and Cammie spar and it was there that I met Kimmie and found out we lived so close to each other. This card is amazing, just like you. An amazing crafter, wife, and most imporantly and incredible loving mom. Okay, I will stop gushing now its just that you are kinda a big deal to me xoxo


What an amazing kid you have, Carole. Everytime you talk about him, I wind up in tears, but for all the right reasons. He is truly inspirational. You rock for helping him to fulfill his dreams, where others would hold him back.


Carole- I feel like I really know what a huge moment this was for your oldest son, Ryan, has Asperger's Syndrome (basically a form of high-functioning autism)and for a mother of a child that constantly faces obstacles, these 'little things' that other parents take for granted are milestones that a tiny part of us thought might never happen! Carter's story really makes me so proud of him, and I don't even know him, but I know another little 7 yr old man who I am proud of everyday for all the 'little-big things' he accomplishes!!! And for the people that always talk about what a crappy place this world can be- they should be reading this post and see that kids can be so accepting and non-judgemental...they see the abilities in eachother, rather than the disabilities:)Society could really learn a thing or two by watching how little ones treat eachother! Thanks for sharing!! And I hope Carter has a blast playing soccer and doing whatever else he chooses to do:)

Cindy Major

Wow, I am most touched by Carter's story. Most inspiring thing I have read in a long time... Go, Carter!!! I hope he keeps enjoying himself on the soccer field. What a bunch of great kids, making him part of the team and helping him up like that.

Thanks for sharing!

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