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March 05, 2011



Sexy it! LOL! This is fantastic!

Vickie Z

Nakkid girls??!! Wonderful card!!

Jennifer Lee

Wow, so fun and cheery, you did a great job!

jen del muro

I should have known that you could pull off naked (stamps) so well!! LOVE that stitching, too!

Amy Sheffer

LOL! I just KNEW some nudie cuties would find their way onto your sample! Awesome job with this one!!! Love your coloring and your colored stitching, too!


So it!


...and Carole Burrage takes the lead!!! There is just too much in this post to even address, so let me just say "This IS the naked truth and we love you." What a gift you have, to so skillfully bare it all! In the words of Charlie Sheen...Winner!

Megan Lock

How did I miss the naked girls? You know how to dress a naked girl up! Lovely bright Carole colors.

Sue from Oregon

Yep, everyone will flocking here to see the "nekkid" girl LOL! Great card for the challenge!


Gorgeous! Love her in the brights!


Hahaha! I WAS challenging you. That's what I was thinking the whole time I drew these, TAKE THAT, Carol Burrage! TAKE THAT. As always, you exceed my wildest anticipations and expectations and other 'tions'. I am in a swoon-like state over what you did this baby and the brights.

Thank you for seeing the possibility of these naughty-but-nice, little Nudie Cuties and for rocking harder than Jagger.

Leigh OBrien

Oh crap! Now all of your male (or MAIL) readers are gonna expect sexy Saturday from here on out! YOU are a nut, Carole Burrage, and I love it!!

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