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March 28, 2011


tracy f.

Okay, the 'matchy-ness' of this card could not be any better! Seriously crazy skillz Carole!

Mary J

Fantastic card! Love this new stamp set!

Elena Heyer

As usual, your talents are amazing. Today I cannot resist pointing out that you may enjoy reading a book series that I believe starts with The Spellman Files, by Lisa Lutz. I just finished the series (at least as it stands now) and your writing style, complete with humor and footnotes, reminds me of the narrator's. I hope all is well way out there in cowboy (shudder...still trying to find hope in my Redskins; can they get any worse next season?) country.


What a fabulous card! Love everything about it!

Julie L Masse

This is AMAZING Carole!! Not only is the idea great but then you drew it yourself?? The best part is the sole - looks totally realistic and just perfect!! So adorable! :)

Leigh O'Brien

Oh how I love this yellow haired, yellow booted girl on a big ole boot! Soooo clever, Carole, and perfection with the boot paper to boot!!


Your posts and creations always are sure to bring a smile to my face! I enjoy reading your posts almost as much as I enjoy looking at the beautiful eye candy you create....and that is saying something!

Lovethe boot you made. The sole on it is perfect!



I looooove that boot! Fantastic!

alma de la rosa

This card is truly inspired. I'm sure if there were a dry puddle gal, she would love it, too.


Oh my heck!!!! This is A*M*A*Z*I*N*G!!!! Only you Carole.

Sony Christoph

me lo-lo-loves it Carole!!! the paper, the' so you and so cute!!! I kinda wanna pull out my rainboots and play in puddles now...:)

Barbara M

Your card is fabulous!!!! You would think you were doing shaped cards for years. Ha... even footnotes... so funny :)))

Glenda J

This is absolutely brilliant! I love it!


Carole- the boot is soooo cute!! Wellies..forgot that people call them that too;) Wouldn't want cow poop on these pretty kickers!!! That's for sure...and thanks for the shout-out! Good to see there's someone out there with confidence in me:) lol!!

Lisa T

What a great idea making a boot shaped card! She almost makes a rainy day something to look forward to. ;-)

Ann I.

Too stinkin' cute!! Love that boot!!!

Noelle McAdams

Love it, love it, LOVE IT, Carole! Too cute, that boot is to die for and I love the paper you used, too:) I ordered this set last night, can't wait to get it! :)


EPPPPPP totally adorbale - I LOVE LOVE that boot. The Dp is so perfect too. loving the matchy matchy :)


This is completely adorable!!!

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