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April 26, 2011


Shannan Teubner

Ahhhhh!!! MY EYESSSS!!! ;) Ok, since the EP paper matches...I guess I'll let it go this time. But what can I say, it was a direct challenge! I expected nothing less than you showin' me how it's done. MWAH!

Tammy Hershberger

Whoa! Give me some sunglasses, girlfriend! These are FABULOUS! LOVE the bright colors, and LOVE those awesome triangles of patterns!

Kim L.

Wow...that's very.....lively.
Just kidding! It's a fun card that only you could pull off!


Carole - I adore your purpley card and Shannan's sketch was right on. Your card is fabulous!

Robin Barwacz

No matter what your friends have to say, I LOVE the color combo! It is so happy. Thanks for sharing. Robin

Denise (peanutbee)

Wowwwww, awesome cards!....especially the one for Shannan's sketch. SOOOOO bright! Love it!!

Jody Morrow

Only you could have made that look cute. :) It is super bright, fun, and vivid... and I love it. :)


Love your fabulously COLORFUL creations, Carole!! Love, love, love!!!

Pat Jandacek

So, there, Shannan! I'll bet you'll be more careful about what you say in the future, huh?! Yay for you, Carole!

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