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May 02, 2011



Thrilled to find you via Mojo! You have a new follower! Cannot wait to see more!

Christina Fischer

Congrats, my friend! I look forward to ogling your sketchiness each Monday!

This card is fabulous. Seriously. :)

Can't wait to see what's behind the other doors...

Denise (peanutbee)

I totally get the "no longer a good fit" thing and feeling the need to move on. Yep, I do! :) HUUUUUUGE CONGRATS on being on the Mojo team! Julee has AWESOME sketches! You did an awesome job here, as I knew you would. Bold and bright and gorgeous!!

....I'm trying REALLY HARD to go more bold and bright. You're the perfect inspiration for it.

Amy Sheffer

Congrats, Carole! Door #1 is looking pretty fantastic! Love your bright and festive sketch sample, too!

chris v - easily amused

I'm glad you mentioned Bin Laden (not that I'm looking for political stuff on card blags), it was a relief to hear he was dead, but I can't get into the partying, that just doesn't feel right. I think you KWIM.

Holey Moley, that penguin is screaming WAKE UP! then three margaritas later fall down.

Where ever you go what ever you do, I enjoy going along for the ride. Life is change and if can't adapt you're screwed.

Lisa Minckler

Congratulations to you on being a DT for Mojo. That's fantastic news. I can't wait to see all your wonderful creations.
P.S. Yeah to opening doors!!!

Mary Dinucci AKA seamom

Congrats, Carole! Verve is one of my favorite stamp companies, and Julee is so talented. I used to follow your crafting productions, but somehow lost you along the way. I'm glad to "find" you again, and look forward to seeing you clever work again both on Verve's blog, ... and your own!

Kerry J.

What a fabulous and so "you" card!! Love the bright colours! Congrats and can't wait to hear about the rest of your doors!! You can put your feet on my coffee table any day! You rock PPL!


Whatever you stamp and whoever you do it for, stamping should be fun... and this card spells fun with a capital F-U-N! I'm so thrilled to have your fabulousness joining the Mojo team (especially if you're bringing the margaritas)! {grin}

Stephanie Kraft

This is so fabulous and fun, Carole! LOVE everything about it.. Welcome to the Mojo team.. we are thrilled to have you join us!


I just this year started participating in Mojo Monday Challenges. Can't wait to see your craftyness each Monday!! Glad you're here!!

Lisa Henke

oh, we miss you Carole, but totally respect your desicion to leave the MFT family. So glad a door has opened and I look forward to seeing those Mojo Monday creations! congrats!

Queen Mary

A warm mojo welcome! Actually, I'm already a subscriber so I am really glad the news is good news. And I have to say, it seems we're having an epidemic of out-growing or being outgrown -- it's natural for the Gen Ys, but for me, late boomer, it's uncomfortable -- except for the fact I'm finding myself in such good company! :)

Leigh O'Brien

Congrats to you, Miss Carole! We always knew ya were a star anyway!!

Tina C from PA

Love this card it is soooo cute.

Mary Fish

Perfect card for an artful "toast" to our newest mojo member. Hugs, Mary

alma de la rosa

You ARE a Busy Bee! And such a wonderful addition to the Mojo Monday team. Congrats, Girlie.


My Birthday Cinco de Mayo!!!and your card could not be better. The colors are fantastic, it is PERFECTO. Love it.

teresa kline aka va.sunshine

welcome, welcome, welcome is wonderful to have you with us....your card is amazing, luv the fun colors and style...hope your week is marvelous girl! If you ever need anything let me know, I will surely help if I can.

enjoy *~*

Robin Barwacz

Congrats on Mojo Mondays! Love your colorful card for this week. Looking forward to more updates. Take care and good luck getting everything done this week, Miss Busy Bee! Robin

Sue Kment

Oh so happy to see you on Julee's team! Congrats!!!

Amy Rohl

Salt on the bust my buttons, girl! ;0

Lydia Fiedler

Amen. You don't have to explain it to me.

Wendy Bond

Hey, we did switch teams...ok, that didn't sound right!!! :)
Way to go girlfriend, Julee is da bomb! You will rock this like everything you do!!! Congrats!

Stef Perry

Woo Hoo, so happy to see you on the blog that makes my Monday's bearable!! Congrats and I look forward to seeing all the fun and fabulous creativity you will contribute to this wonderful group!

And amen to your comments about Bin Ladin!

Tori Wild

Door #1 looks great to me and that mojo-alicious card is fabulous!! I can't ignore a bright, beautiful card like that!! LOVE IT!!


Congrats on your new gig!! Super cute card!!

Ree Donnelly

Looking at door # 1 I couldn't help but think maybe you were going to Munchkinland!!! LOL Congrats, Carole!


Congrats Carole! You'll be an awesome Mojo Monday gal!

Tammy Hershberger

LOVE how bright this card is, Carole! Totally Fiesta-like! And congrats on your new gig!


YAY!!! My favorite stamper on my favorite sketch challenge team!?!? It's most certainly a win-win FOR ME! Because that's the important part, right? hee hee Seriously, huge congrats dear Carole - sounds like a couple of very wise and wonderful decisions! Hugs to you!! Oh and I loooooove your super fun Cinco de Mayo card!!


"HUZZAH" LMAO I'm assuming that is a REAL word??? LOL

Carole... NOT sure why it took all that 'splainin.. perhaps I'm SLOOOOWWWWW but I never ONCE figured that you leaving MFT was a bad blood kinda thing... You are ADORED by MFT Junkies, DT members and of course Kim!!! NOW... about the MOJO... YAY!!!! I'm thinkin that since I get updates via email I won't have to go searching tryin to remember the exact blog addy for you etc... yes you are in my reader bar thingie but really... WTH IS THAT???? LOL


bonnie weiss

Congrats Carole ... can't wait to see what you come up with!


Your designs are fabulous no matter where you are! I love the colors on this card!

Debbie Carriere

Carole!! This is fantastic -gorgeous colors & fun image!! Welcome to the Mojo team - excited to work with you :)

nicky manel

Congrats Carole!!!! I am a huge fan and know that you are going to be a great addition to the Mojo team.
Huge Hugs
Nicky Manel


Congrats Carole. Fabulous card, love the colours and fun theme.


i'm super exited for you Carole! i love this new sketch and your fab card!

Maria Gurnsey

SUPER fun card...welcome to the mojo makers :)

Wanda Cullen

First off...your card is just so fun and happy with the bold and beautiful colors! Secondly...congrats on becoming a Mojo designer! I'm a huge Verve fan and am a regular player in the mojo challenges and look forward to seeing your creations!

Noelle McAdams

CONGRATULATIONS! So excited to hear this GREAT news and all your new changes, I love your work:)

Tammy E.

I have been meaning to come here and comment on this card for over a week. (Surely I didn't already and have forgotten it. If so, consider my age [50-ish] before you think I'm crazy. LOL.) This card rocks! I love the vibrant colors and design. I had never seen your work. Therefore, it is great to see you over at Mojo Monday!

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