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May 21, 2011



This is gorgeous Carole! I love it!!


Awww Carole! I hope you have a chance to chill and relax this weekend! You totally deserve it!

Tammy Hershberger

Cute card, Carole! LOVE the text background! You need alcohol after the week you've had, girlfriend! Meet me halfway, and we'll party!

Jenny Peterson

Man- it can be tough being a mom! No one told me that there would be days where you would be exhausted beyond repair (well, i guess my own mom did, but of course I thought she was exagerating and trying to pack my bags for the guilt trip we were usually on)..Hang in there bud- I always have to live by the mantra 'one day at a time' with my hubby gone for work one month long hitches! So I know what that feeling of doing it on your own for extended periods of can dooooo eeaaat!
oh yeah- nice card:)


Awesome card, Carole!! I can sure sympathize with you and your situation, it isn't fun, is it? However, it sure hasn't affected your mojo as your cards are just amazing!! I love this one, great way to use the text paper and I love all the stuff at the bottom!! Great card, hang in there girl!!


Ok...Jesus drinking gin straight from a cat dish?!!...NEVER heard that one before..LOL!!! Well, they do say you learn something everyday!! First things first thought, Carole your card is absolutely stunning and I love they way you used the text paper....Second, have a NON STRESS FREE weekend gorgeous...Sounds like you really deserve it!! Hugs, Xx


Oh such a fabulous card, Carole! I love the long card design and the papers are fabulous...especially love the text paper and of course Mandy is gorgeous and coloured beautifully! Hope things start to slow down for you, hun, and that you can relax a bit this weekend!
Big Hugs,t

andrea m

She looks so serene and peaceful even with all those swirling words all around her, amazing card. Oh to be more relaxed like her..I would own a whole LuLu lemon wardrobe myself!

BTW- Jesus has been very good about sharing his cat bowl gin with me during my hard weeks so don't hesitate to ask him!

Melody Rupple

What a cute image and I just love the long card!

Jody Morrow

Pretty card! Love the text as the BG.


So gorgeous, Carole. I love it!

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