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June 30, 2011


Marcie Sharp

Too freakin' hilarious!! I'm relatively new to the Hambo design team, but I'm lovin' their laughable selection of stamps! Thanks for joining us as a guest designer!

Bonnie Sharp

Oh dear Lawdy!! Funny and so inappropriate lol! Love the Hillbilly story too! Thanks for being our guest designer this week Carole!

Amy Rohl

You got me! I was almost tearing up because it reminded me of the truly sweet card you sent me when George was born...awwww!


OMG...I just snorted at work Carole! This is HYSTERICAL!!!


SNORT!! I LOVE how this turned out Carole -- and how perfect that you have an uncle who will properly appreciate it! LOL Thank you SO MUCH for guest designing for us today - you're the BEST!!

Leslie W

I swear when I saw the sweet scene and sentiment on the front I was thinking to myself, "Wait for it..." I mean, after all, this is Carole's blog, right? I wasn't disappointed. Very cute card. Congratulations on being a Hambo guest designer - with those images and sentiments this is surely a match made in Heaven. Can't wait to see what else you do with them. Thanks for always making me smile.


Too funny! You got me! It sure is the perfect card for your uncle. Thanks for the chuckle & for joining us as a guest designer.


SUPER cute!!

Sue Kment

These stamps were made for you!

chris v - easily amused

Yes I was shocked and couldn't believe my eyes when I saw a reverent Christmas card here, now. you are too funny!
BTW when I was staying in the Poconos (that's PA) my NYC buddy visited and commented on some of the locals being "Pennsyatuckians". That has stayed in my family's vocabulary as a synonym for hillbilly.

Beverly Cole

Holla! This card is SO cute. I love that wood-veneer that you used, perfect for the stable.... And good grief, anytime you use hillbilly in a sentence, it has to be funny, right?!
Awesome card!!

Nora Anne

So cute :) I love your coloring and of course the funny sentiment that you picked to trick us all when you opened the card! LOL!

Judy Rozema

I always love reading your posts, Carole! You picked a perfect image and sentiment for your guestie spot! Thanks for sharing with us~!


Carole!!! Your card is AWESOME, thank you so so much for being such a fantastic guest! Sorry it's taken me this long to say so, we're without internet at the new house - ACK!!! It's torture. But thank you again and for such a wonderful post, too. You are THE BEST!!! (And I'll even forgive you for bringing back bad childhood memories of the Libby Libby Libby on the Label Label Label variety. ;-)

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