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August 06, 2011



First of all, your footnotes are killing me!! You are too funny!!

Love your card! It is fabulous!! Go Canada!!

Amy Rohl

Oh my word, she's cute! Man, you've got it ALL goin' on here--the clouds, all the colored windows, and her dam(n) cute the boots!

Kerry J.

LOL! I just love you Carole!! But me? Too many grapeheads? Can there ever be such a thing? Gorgeous card too btw! Miss you chickie! Maybe if you do manage to make it up here in the fall we can re-create this scene!

Tenia Nelson

Your card is adorable!!! tfs!!!

Michele Boyer

Love that stamp background paper, Carole! It's perfect (of course)! (Cracking up at your footnotes...)

Amy Sheffer

Your footnotes are too funny! (Except for #2, which was sad, since I rather like distressing.) Fantastic card, too -- love your clouds and the maple leaf accents.

Jen Tapler

This is fabulous Carole! I too am not a fan of distressing, but mostly because I'm too lazy to do it!

Terri Moore

Great job with the sketch. Love the background paper it goes perfectly with Melanie. Your distressing is a great touch too.


LOVE the new sketch, and your card is AWESOME!


Ok...As happy as a tick on a big fat dog??! That's it....That's my new saying this week...I am going to try it out at work and see how it goes...LOL!!! Your card is just incredible Carole. I love your colouring, the way you embellished it and your take on the sketch, it's just perfect!! Have a great weekend honey! Xx

Pam Varnell

This is adorable Carole. Yes, she looks very happy. Love the background on your main image. Gorgeous card GF,


Christina Fischer

I predict you will eventually become quite fond of distressing. C'mon, let yourself go...

I'm cracking up at your footnotes. And yes, this does look like Kerry after grapeheads. ;)

Kim Reid

Tick on a fat dog, huh? Glad to be of service! And your footnotes always do me in! *giggle*
(1. NOT your joie de vivre!, 2. I'm with you on the preppy sensibilities...but not when it comes to my cards....allows me to get my frustrations out....notice the sheer volume of distressing on my card this week, 3. I'm with Kerry....let's recreate this card come April!, 4. and this scene also....haven't tried a Grapehead, 5. Good thing you added this one, 6. I think Jenny will make out juuuuuuuust fine!)
OH and the card? I think we must have been on the same wavelength this's GAW-JUSS!!


Now sure how I landed here today. I don't usually drift from Jen's sight, but I saw your name and thought of all the stories Jen tells me 'aboot' your inspired writing. Stay cool Madame Burrage!

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