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August 18, 2011



YAY!!! Love your first CCC post Carole! Can't wait to see what happens next month! Hopefully your boys have an awesome 1st day of school.

Tori Wild

I need to hear this how to get my kids to WANT to clean their room. Currently the threats and bribes don't work very well! lol... I'll be tuning in girl!!

Robin Barwacz

Your new blog at CCC was great. Enjoyed it and look forward to next month. (Left you a little luv on that site too...just like you asked. See I'm a good listener! Ha!). Have a great weekend. Robin

Lisa T

No, they surely don't keep. :) Don't feel bad - my oldest is a SENIOR in high school and my "baby" is a 7th grader who is now taller than her momma. Guess I have to stop calling her "my little one", lol.
I'm off to check out your post on YNS. I love your work and your sense of humor!

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