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August 17, 2011



And this is one happy card, my friend!! Totally adorable!

Kim Reid

OH my goodness! You sure know how to crack a girl up first thing in the morning! I nearly dumped my precious coffee while giggling! I never thought I'd find another family as crazy as ours, that does the 'Have you heard?' routine! *snort* Our families need to hang out!

Your card is gorgeous, Carole! Love the colour combo....and I'll have to get that font too!!!

Bonnie aka raduse

Oh my gosh Carole!! You crack me up girlfriend! I just had to download that font. Yep, definite Partridge Family nut here too. I have got to get that stamp now!! I wonder if there is a stamp of just David Cassidy?? BTW - anyone could play the tamborine better than Tracy. Ugh!


I can't believe I never saw that Family Guy! That is too funny! And David Cassidy? He can hang his puka shells on my nightstand any time ;) Sigh, I loved that kids just don't get it. I totally hear ya on the tamborine playing-they didn't need those two kids anyway, lol! Oh, and did I mention that my brother looks just like Danny Bonaduce? Freaks me out everytime I see him on "Worlds Worst (insert here)". Ever watch that show? Love it!

I think your card is fab! I love that image, the great colors, the awesome sentiment and font! Brings back great memories! Awesome Carole!

chris v - easily amused

my favorite part of that video is the very end when the kid puts the gun in his mouth. reminds me how I've often told my daughter that embarrassing her is my not only fun for me it's my job.


This is one rockin trio!! How fun :)

Tammy Hershberger

Ruben Kincade? Really? Wouldn't you rather dream about Keith??? I am lovin' that you could have played better tambourine!

CUTE card, Carole! Those partridges are fabulous!


LOL we are a family guy crazy family too! Oh if you only could have been a fly on the wall in my house growing entire family is a little nutty so I come by it honestly...currently my hubbies license plate says GIGGITEE...sad, I know! LOL

Shannon White

Love love love your Adorable card! Such a fun image and love that perfect sentiment and font! Thanks as always for the inspiration!


P.S gott go with Tammy on this one, I'd much rather think of Keith.. lol ;-)

Marlena M

Soooo cute! LOL, love it. ;)


Me, I'm a Family Guy kinda girl, so this CRACKS me up!!

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