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August 03, 2011



Well you did it again! Thanks for the morning wake up...nothing like a good laugh in the morning after the fire alarm kept going off for no reason...that's right it went on and off for 2 hours in the middle of the night...I'm going to need 2 pots of coffee this morning! TFS!

chris v - easily amused

the scarey thing is that by the time I finish reading your posts I don't even thing about the cards I came here to teenage daughter and I LOVE this song, that's scarey too. AND it was one of the Jeopardy questions recently.

chris v - easily amused

PS - that's supposed to say "I don't think" not "thing" which is the evidence of that statement

Tammy Hershberger

Well, I appreciate ALL the attention today, SWEET Carole and I hate to burst your bubble, but.... Broni is the hostess today!

But Speedy is fabulous on your awesome card! I love how it looks like he's just passing through a little neighborhood on his skates!

Amy Rohl

Are you! Your coloring is shake-your-head-amazing! And...just for the record, I was a little worried when I read your post title...very much relieved that this post wasn't 'all about me'!

Hugs, girlfriend!

Amy Rohl

...oh, sheet, there was somethin-bout-me...god, I love you!!

Amy Rohl only makes sense though...the random association between 'roll' and 'rohl' brainer! Promise--my final final comment.

Dana Joy

LOL...I LOVE this card. So darn cute!!!



Although Tammy did burst your bubble, your commentary was indeed entertaining! I love the TH and that video rocks! Thanks for reminding me!!

Speedy is a cutie and I love how you used the two diecuts together-cool layout! What is it about getting ready? I am so with you there...totally weird.


This is the cutest thing! And as a kindergarten teacher, I'm all about the first grade humor--it's the best!


Ok, so this card just cracks me up! Love how you made him look so cute! Another thing that cracks me up is that you constantly refer to Tammy in this post, but I AM THE HOSTESS this week!!!! (Loved reading about how you roll!!)


I'm not sure what I am enjoying more, your card, your post, or all the comments...LOL

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