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September 28, 2011


Jody Morrow

Wow, that card is gorgeous. I love the color combo.

So, cranky girl, I take your lack of a phone call as a side effect of boot camp. I am ok with that... as I sit leisurely sipping on my Route 44 Sonic Sweet Raspberry Tea. LMBO Call me when you have time. ;) HUGS and good for you for being such a motivated girl. I'm jealous!

Joan B

sweet card.
sorry about losing your mind and all that!!!

ps. my husband is up most mornings at 4:30 to exercise.


Boot camp...shudder... But on the other hand, your card is adorable!! I love the pin/sentiment holder thingy! Great idea!

Beckie're card is great! And just think of the hot body you'll have at the end of a month. LOL.

Be Blessed, Beckie

p.s. I don't even need a reason to be cranky. haha.

Nancy Thomas

Gorgeous card Carole - I love everything about it. Good luck with the boot camp. I would think of you at the time of the morning but I'm always asleep!

Jenny Peterson

Wow Carole- your card is precious! Ah, cardigans- such an advancement on the original sweater that buggars up your hair and tears off your glasses, not to mention the furnace that is going full throttle under your shirt....remember in Dumb and Dumber (I know you've watched this if you went to Jackass the Movie!) when the cop is saying 'pullover!' and Jim Carrey says "it's a cardigan, but thanks for noticing'....that slays me every time!!!! Bahahaha! And boot camp- bless your little heart!! Good luck with that! Think of the results though- I am going to fly to Oklahoma in three mos just to bounce a quarter off your wee arse;)


Love this, Carole! That bird house is adorable and you used that gorgeous paper to perfect advantage!


Hello Miss Grumpy! I hope you had a fabulous time sweating your little tushie off! Sounds like a blast, no really it does, I'd be all over that! LOL I know I'm weird in my own special and wonderful way! Send you big recovery hugs cause I know your butt and thighs are screaming right now and going up and down stairs for the next 3 days will be something you will want to avoid at all costs...oh I love a good workout!

PS - love your card - beautiful!!!

Kristin Eberline

Oh my gosh. Could it be that Mr. Rogers is the reason for my adoration of cardigan sweaters? I've never even considered it until I read your firs's a thought. It's a definite possibility. I may start giving him credit. Cardigans are a staple in my wardrobe, and now my daughter steals them. She can't credit Mr. Rogers of course, because she has NO CLUE who he was. She also doesn't know a thing about Romper Room. Kids these days...they're really missing out. Barney only taught so much.

Anywho....thank you thank you thank you for using my new paper! It looks so awesome with those cutie patootie TCP stamps! Like I said earlier, I do believe our birds are first cousins <3 Your card is so...charming. Yes, charming...I just love how it turned out ;] That little birdhouse and the funky branch and birdie are so sweet!!


Yay! Another Mister Rogers fan! Sigh. I miss him too! Your card is ADORABLE with all the cute Cut-Ups in Kristin's paper!! I totally understand the foggy glasses syndrome. When I go from an air-conditioned building to the humid SC outdoors, I'm always foggy....oh, my glasses are too!


Fab, fab, fab!!! Terrific job! I miss Mr. Rogers too!!!
Get some rest, Girlfriend!!

alma de la rosa

Cranky is not allowed!

These colors are HARD. But you rocked them. Such a pretty card and a masterful use of the colors.

Marlena M

My hat's off to you for taking on such a physical challenge. ;)

I love the birdhouse...and that memo pin is darling. ;)

Tammy Hershberger

Darling design, Carole! LOVE the birdhouse and branch die-cuts with the fabulous trees in the background! TOO cute!

Wendy Bond

I love the colours, the layout, the images, the whole damn thing honey!

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