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September 03, 2011


Jody Morrow

Gorgeous card! Love it. :)

alma de la rosa

Adorable! And that vellum banner thingy? Stunning!

Terri Moore

Super cute! I love those PI girls and you do a great job with them too!

Becky Carafa

I love the bright fun colors here! Thanks for the warm welcome to the team!


ACK! Carole, your coloring is AMAZING on this!!! LOVE the papers and the sentiment on the vellum as well!!! GORGEOUS!
Off to keep hopping around...all while singing September...(thanks ;) )

Jen Tapler

Flicking!? What the heck is flicking? Nevermind. It doesn't matter - I can't color to save my life! And I get all bitter when I see people like you who are perfect at it. ugh. It's annoying. I mean really. Do you ever make an ugly card!? ;-) Seriously though, this is too cute. Love the vellum sentiment strip!

jen del muro

cu-uuute! i forgot about all the new shows starting as a reason to get pumped for fall!

Jenny Peterson

Cute Carole- I think your colouring is great on this's flickin amazing as a matter of fact;) And I love the name Blair- gonna have to try to make my SIL name her baby that if it's a girl. I let her name my third, so it's only fair I think. Happy Birthday to all the peeps in your family...and thanks for all the pronounciation updates!!! I LOVE it!! And so pleased that I've been saying your name right (in my head of course- who else would I say it to)


What a sweet card! Can't wait for you to find that camera cord so we can see all your fab photos! Sounds like you had an awesome time coloring and flicking! September is always a fab month, Brandon got his haloween costume on Friday and now he can't stop talking about going to the apple farm to pick apples along with his halloween pumpkin - what FUN!
Enjoy your day!

Anne T

Sensational card! I love your coloring and putting the sentiment on vellum is inspired!

Affordable Medical Insurance

I love those PI girls and you do a great job with them too!

Wendy (joelysmom)

Oh honey, this is totally a SHUT THE FRONT DOOR card!!! I love it!


You are so lucky...Copic class with Colleen, MFT Store opening...JEALOUS!! SUPER cute card!!

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