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November 14, 2011



Carole, this set is AWESOME!!!! I LOVE those dies and I am ALWAYS a SUKKAH for coffee sets!!! you say poetaytoe I say puhtahtoe.... hee! I would TOTALLY go for a continuum of holiday mugs!!!! YIPPEE YAHOOZIE!!! and WHY did you put mugs into the HAlloween section of your 12x12??? LMAO
Love you, you CRAZY GAL!!!! <3

Dawn Easton

Oh my gosh! I LOVE this, Carole! Your little handmade embellishment is awesome! BRILLIANT! At first I was thinking that you had a LOT of patience to cut out those little mugs and steam. Glad to know there are DIES to do it! ha! Must look at that soon!!! Thanks for the inspiration!
Enjoy your new computer! Love my MAC too!


So very creative, colorful and fun! Great card!!


This totally warmed up my day Carole!!! Your card is super SWEET!!! Love that little scarf!!! Too CUTE!!! I've missed you lots and I'm happy to know you are feeling refreshed! Enjoy your super fabulous new 27" iMac!!!
Big Hugs

Amy Rohl

YOU warm my heart, missy! This is just too cute, and the scarf/cinnamon sticks?! Shakin' my head cause you're just that clever!

Erika Clark

Those cinnamon stick with the scarf are amazing, your card is so bright and gorgeous!

Tricia T

I love the little scarf!! ADORABLE!!


That scarf wrapped around the cinnamon sticks is adorable. Your card is so fun, I love it.


Just scrumptious, Carole! Love that fluffy scarf! Happy new mac! :)

Debbie Carriere

Carole, this is so fun and creative!!! LOVE it! Enjoy your new mac :)


I love this card! It's so fun and colorful! Wonderful!

Jenny Peterson

LOVE LOVE LOVE it Mr Miyagi;) And bonus points for making a card that smells great too!! Thats scarf is freakin too much- I want it in human size instead of cinnamom stick size...then I could enjoy it during the brutal alberta winter to come;) p.s. I want to life size scarf to smell like cinnamon too, so you might have to sewing sticks into the lining or something...just an idea;)


Great card. The coffee, tea, cocoa mugs are adorable. This is a very nice sketch to work with. Thanks for sharing. patnbobcuddy at gmail dot com

Carolyn King

Super cute. LOVIN those mugs and that super clevah scarf!!


Okay, now this is just awesome! How cute is that little scarf! You rock Carole!


WOW! I love your little scarf detail on here. This is really cute Carole. :)

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