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January 02, 2012


Lori U.

Lovely take on the sketch Carole! I might I say Ringo is such a cutie! You are so right after losing one it seems like there could never be another but we somehow manage to open our hearts! Here's hoping you and Ringo have many wonderful years together!!

Allie Gower

It's a wonderful tribute to your furry friend that you've welcomed a new four legged child into your home.
I love your card, a winged bunny, how cute!


Oh my ... what a teaser! Your card is adorable! I want that set of stamps ... and you are going to make me wait half a month? No really, thanks for the sneak peak. And your pics of your really cute "new best friend"! Happy New Year!

teresa kline aka va.sunshine

luv your super sweet card, but I seriously became distracted when the puppy pictures appeared...teeheheh..I luv puppies.....sooo cute!

enjoy *~*

Lisa Lynn

Your card is adorable and so is RINGO.


This is the cutest card! Awesome colors, patterns and fussy-cutting! Love that image. And your new dog is the cutest, too!

Tina Campbell

What a cute card and a cute dog! Looks like love is in the air. Ringo is a fantastic name for such a cute dog, I'm a big fan of the Beatles too!


Your new puppy is SO CUTE!!!! I just want to give Ringo and big huge hug and tummy rub!!!

chris v -easily amused

love the card, must have the stamp.
god bless your new fur baby.

Amy Rohl

I treated myself to a bit of me time tonight, and reading your mojo post was first on my list! Your Cupid card is just as sweet, neat and complete as they come, my dear, and I am a smitten kitten...can you say Ringo love?! Yeah you!

Kimberly Gajewski

Happy New Year Carole! What a wonderful post...the card is too cute, and your new pup is so sweet! Enjoy! :D

Rose Ann

Your card is too cute, Carole...and Ringo...well, he is just adorable!! I love your photos so much, and I have a huge smile on my face. Thanks for that!


SO super awesome... I KNEW I could count on you Carole to give me a peek see at TCP new release!!!!! <3

Ringo ROCKS and Sweet Pea may "tolerate" him but will be his buddy... I'm sure there will be some set ups comin Ringo's way! LOL SO like kids!!!!!

Dawn Easton

Oh Carole, your card is adorable! I am going to be placing more TCP images this year!!!

Your new puppy is so stinkin' adorable too! I love puppies! Glad that the two are getting along like old buddies! That's sweet!

Jenny Peterson

'I'm young, I know, But even so....
I know a thing or two - I learned from you'
Hahaha!! It's true Miyagi;) I have learned alot from my master;) Love the new pup- your hubby sounds like a sweet man:) Love the peek as well- and Happy New Year to you and the family!


What a darling image and card. It looks wonderful! Your new puppy is so cute!

Happy New Year!
Hugs and smiles


Hii Carole!!! I just wanted to drop in, tell ya I miss ya and wish you a happy new year aand then I tripped over your adorable card and then the even more adorable pictures of your new puppy!!! OMG he's just too cute!!!! All the best to you and a happy new year!!!!!

alma de la rosa

ACK! Your card is cute, but pretty close to being overshadowed by these darling pups. So cute and sweet, even with sharp needle teeth.

Michelle Sturgeon

I am a new found TCP fan, and I love your creations! Thanks for the sneak very first TCP order should be arriving this week!

Amy West

Love the sketch, can't wait to get my card done! Ringo is super cute!! We certainly miss our 2 German Shepherds...someday soon we'll have another!


Ok I love your card it is too cute! But on to that puppy! We have a German Shepard too, from Germany, I think I heard or read about the Monks where you got Ringo ( Great name) . Oh he looks just like ours, did . I don't have to tell you he will be the best dog you ever have. So smart., and loving .I have a picture of our Major on my blog. ENJOY!!!!!! Don't want to upset anyone, all dogs are wonderful!


Oh Im sorry I did not read your first paragraph , about loosing you other dog. So sorry for your loss!

Barbara Diane


Wonderful card - I love the cupid! Your new dog is so beautiful - you are a lucky lady! Wishing you a happy day!


Barbara Diane


Too cute...I would love for you to link up with my new card making meme, 52 Card Pickup here...!


Congrats on getting a new puppy, it is hard to say good bye to those beloved pets. Sweet little stamp image too, cute new release!


I love Ringo. He is the cutest puppy ever.

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